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Mitsubishi Evolution X Coupe?

Despite the fact that our Evo is meant to be a four dour speedster, we have met many people who are curious as to what a Evo X coupe would look like. Well be curious no more! This Evo owner has decided to take matters into his own hands and make a coupe for himself. The result? Well you decide. Some modifications include a unique wide body kit, deep dish alloy rims, coilover suspension kit, and an upgraded turbo package.

Our perspective? Yes, this does pretty much go against every aspect of what an Evo X is meant to be. (a four door, 4 wheel drive, turbocharged beast) but we’ll admit that the sketches don’t look half bad! The car is currently on sale on eBay because the owner did not want to finish the job. Modifiers remorse I suppose.

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John Pangilinan’s Take on The Scion TC

Scion TC Main

I remember when the Scion TC first came out. They didn’t have it in Canada but I always loved that car. The look was great and the performance was supposedly up to par. I wanted it for my first car but seeing how it wasn’t in Canada, I had to settle for the Mazda 3. I always knew the TC had a lot of potential, someone just had to bring it out. John Pangilinan is the guy who did it just right in my opinion and with his reputation it’s no surprise. Scion had offered John $15,000 to put his charm on the TC for their SEMA booth. 

My Thoughts: I absolutely love it, I think Pangilinan did a really great job on the TC. The widebody kit looks spectacular. The wheels; well I probably would of chosen different wheels but thats a matter of taste as well. Also the spoiler looks great on the car, without it I think there would be something missing. What can I say I’m big fan. 

Thumbs up on this one!

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