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Next Generation WRX To Have HP Boost?

Subaru has got a lot on their hands these days, with the release of their first sports coupe the BRZ as well as fans rallying to find out the juicy details of their next STi and WRX.

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Subaru BRZ Concept – Thoughts

Subaru’s BRZ Concept has made it’s debut, it’s getting loads of buzz and I figured now would be a good time to talk a bit about my first impressions. The first thing I thought of when I heard about the BRZ was; exciting! Subaru is taking a stab at a rear wheel drive sports coupe! Don’t get me wrong, they’ve been building some fantastic cars for years and I’m in love with my STi hatch but I was just itching to see what a coupe from Suby would look like.

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2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Photo Update

Excited to see what 2013 holds for Hyundai’s popular Gensis Coupe? As are we! Word on the track is, the car is receiving a facelift and a few new features but accurate photos have been scarce.

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Recently Released: Performance Upper Boost Tube Kit for Evo X

Today’s recent release is from a company we’re quite fond of. We’ve actually got a matte black exhaust of theirs on our STi and we couldn’t be happier with it. Great sound, nice power boost, minimal drone and of course very sexy. This post is to share Perrin’s new Upper Boost Tube Kit for your Evo X!

Perrin boost tubes are larger diameter and smoother then stock providing a less restrictive air path from your turbo to the engine.  Gain horse power and torque while adding a great looking part under the hood of your EVO.

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Subaru Naturally Aspirated RWD Sports Car Heading Toward The U.S.

What are two features that spring to mind when thinking of a Subaru? If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, it’s AWD and turbo charged. Well when it comes to Subaru’s new sports car which has been confirmed to be making it’s way to the US of A, those two guesses would be dead wrong. That’s right, the Japanese Automaker has decided to make its new release a RWD car and have opted out of giving it some turbo action.

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Best Seller of the Week: HKS GT II 7460 Ball Bearing Turbo for Evo X

The item taking the gold for our latest best seller of the week is the HKS GTII 7460 Ball Bearing Turbo for your Mitsubishi Evolution X. This one isn’t exactly a surprise considering how awesome it is. This baby is a  true bolt-on upgrade thanks to the GTII Turbo special cast turbine and compressor housings and the utilization of the OEM exhaust manifold.

The twin scroll, reverse rotation turbocharger includes the same features as the Sport Turbo upgrade kit for the EVO 4-9, but is a standard rotation turbocharger.

Still curious? Check out a review of the GTII 7460 Ball Bearing Turbo on EvoXForums here!

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Elia Renault Wind

When building on a project car, every tuning company has got their process. The first and perhaps most important step is picking the car. There are so many routes to take, you can either go for the clear winner or the hidden gem. Tuning firm Elia has decided to go with the ladder. Now, all the details haven’t hit the streets yet but we couldn’t wait to tell you about this little Renault so here is what we’ve got for you so far.

The car will  come with either a 1.2-liter turbo engine or 1.6-liter variant producing 100 and 133 horsepower, respectively. Features include an upgraded suspension kit and new ECU unit delivering an extra 16 hp and 21 lb-ft of torque.

As far as the aesthetics are concerned, Elia went with LED daytime running lights, 18-inch alloy wheels, and high performance tires.

That’s the word on the track for now but if you’re a big fan of this project already don’t sweat, there’s sure to be more to come!

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Best Seller Of The Week: AMS Upper Intercooler Pipe Mitsubishi Evo X

On this round of Best Seller of the Week, it’s the AMS Upper Intercooler Pipe for the Evo X that has made the cut. This isn’t the biggest surprise to us given the popularity of the parts producer. The guys make some killer parts and we’re happy to give them to our beloved customers.

So let’s get into it. The first thing to know is that the UICP is a direct replacement to your stock pipe. Weight is not a problem since the pipe is made of lightweight 2.5” mandrel bent aluminum tubing with bead rolled pipe ends. This piece really has a great solid feel to it being mounted to the core support. This helps prevent the couplers from popping right off.

Speaking of couplers, they’re all replaced with quality 4-ply silicon pieces which can endure more than 50 psi of boost. This is achieved partially due to the utilization of a silicon “hump hose” to prevent torn couplers caused by engine movement.

This pipe is available in polished or black wrinkle powdered.

The best part is the power increase, you can see an extra 5 awhp peak and 10+ awhp gains, more if you decide to go with a retune of your ECU.

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Mitsubishi Evolution X Coupe?

Despite the fact that our Evo is meant to be a four dour speedster, we have met many people who are curious as to what a Evo X coupe would look like. Well be curious no more! This Evo owner has decided to take matters into his own hands and make a coupe for himself. The result? Well you decide. Some modifications include a unique wide body kit, deep dish alloy rims, coilover suspension kit, and an upgraded turbo package.

Our perspective? Yes, this does pretty much go against every aspect of what an Evo X is meant to be. (a four door, 4 wheel drive, turbocharged beast) but we’ll admit that the sketches don’t look half bad! The car is currently on sale on eBay because the owner did not want to finish the job. Modifiers remorse I suppose.

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TechArt 911 Turbo Performance Kit

First comes the visuals package then comes the performance kits! The German tuner TechArt has come out with some engine upgrades for the Porsche 911 Turbo.

The first kit – TA 097/T1 has given the 911 a 70 horsepower boost which certainly helps speed up the sprint from 0-100km/h now clocked at 3.2 seconds. A few other upgrades include optimized engine control and the use of a new sport air filter. The end result equals a top speed of 324km/h.

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