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Got Nuts? Get Some W/The Password:JDM Aluminum Lug Nuts GROUP BUY! – Add Some Color!







We have been selling a ton of these, so we figured why not help you guys out and get a group buy going! After all, we are over due since our last extremely successful Synapse Synchronic BOV Group Buy

NOW FULLY IN STOCK & Ready to ship out direct!

Click here to find out what’s in store…

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Black Friday – DSG Style. Password JDM, Synapse, ARK Performance, AEM & More!

It’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving is upon us which means getting all of our Evo X goodie shopping done before heading out to mom’s house for some turkey and family company. As always DSG has got you covered! We’re having a big Black Friday sale and you’re all invited! From Password:JDM to Synapse Engineering, we’ve got all our  superstar parts waiting for you. So head over to our TunerShop Page or EvoXForums if you’re a member and check out what we’re doing for you.  

Have a happy happy Thanksgiving!

All pricing is good through Monday the 29th of November!

How To Order: You may send your payment to info@dsgperformance.com and write Your EvoX Tag name and the name of the unit you are purchasing in the comment box. We still ask that you create a customer account on our website so we have your shipping & billing information available and for proper invoicing. If you require an alternative method of Payment or have any questions at all, please do NOT hesitate to shoot me over a PM.

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SEMA AutoShow 2010 Recap – DSG Style!

Its been a few weeks since the big SEMA Show in Las Vegas took place. We had the opportunity to be there and check out all the great stuff they’re doing there. Aside from being in one of my favorite cities, the show was a blast and we already itching to go again. We took a ton of photos and have been working on a little recap for you, so here it is!

Click here to check out the full recap…

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Best Seller Of The Week: Synapse Engineering Synchronic Diverter Valve

Taking the gold on this edition of Best Seller of the Week has got to be the new Synapse Synchronic Diverter Valve. Since we announced its pending release, our customers have been super excited about it and decided to pick one up when it hit the online streets.

What makes this goodie so fantastic? Well, the Synchronic DV is the first, truly compact, zero-diaphragm, high-flow Diverter Valve with an actuation time of 25 milliseconds. The DV is made up mostly of aero grade aluminum and users can either upgrade from an existing BOV/DV or weld on to a new project. “MAF and speed density applications can apply the new design in push or pull orientation with the ability to fully re-circulate or vent-to-atmosphere the valve’s discharge.” These babies are solid and able to withstad quite a bit of psi. “Each assembly is pressure tested to withstand 60 psi and positive lock clamshell retainers are included with each assembly for fitment.”

Some Benefits Include:
• Very light, compact stock like stealth appearance. No clearance issues with this baby!
• Innovative Piston Actuated Design
• Absolutely No Diaphragm
• Can be used in Pull-Type or Push-Type modes, which allows for those with a MAF sensor to vent to atmosphere rather than re-circulation if he/she wants. We still recommend Re-Circ in any case, but or those of you who want to run VTA this is a great option for our cars.
• Backwards compatible with the current Synchronic BOV

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Goodie Of The Day: Synapse Engineering Synchronic BOV Upgrade Kit

Ask someone about DSG Performance and they’ll most likley mention our affiliation with the Synapse Synchronic BOV. We’ve been standing by this BOV for quite sometime and have quickly become it’s top seller. Well it seems not much has changed, the honor of this edition of Goodie Of The Day goes to the Synchronic BOV Upgrade Kit. This just shows what can happen when a company listens to its customers. By now, we all know how brilliant the Synchonic BOV is but you know what they say; Don’t rest on your laurels!

The latest version sports a new redesigned back cap with sturdier 1/8th NPT threads, two types of  push to connect fittings, one push to connect Y, and 5 ft of black PU hose. The new back cap design is also backwards compatible with even the very first Synchronic BOV released to market. So if you’ve already got a version, don’t fret! Click here to upgrade.

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Company Profile: Synapse Engineering

There are all kinds of opinions floating around out there on how to strategize the focus of your company. You can go broad, offer more to more people in more places or you can focus on a much more narrow spectrum allowing you to put all your effort into the quality of your product. California based Synapse has chosen the latter. Forced Induction is this company’s specialty. As they like to say: “Synapse Engineering is a boost loving, horsepower-making company that develops cutting edge performance products that make you go WTF??!!!!?”

Read more…

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Syn What? Synchronic GROUP BUY! A Special Thanks!

Synapse BOV

Alright people! All the kits have been payed for and we have put the order through to Synapse. We will keep you all informed as to the status of the shipment’s via your customer account on our website and we will PM or email you for any major updates. You will all receive your tracking #’s as well as soon as they are available. All shipments will go out sometime between tomorrow and Tuesday.

A very special thanks to all of you who have taken interest in our company and decided to go with us on this BOV group buy. It’s been an absolute pleasure getting this done for all of you. Keep a lookout for more group buy’s and
thank you for shopping DSG|Performance!

If anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to contact us via email: info@dsgperformance.com

Client Responses:

“No Sean! Thank you my good man, thank you!!” EvoX08

“Thanks again Sean! Can’t wait to see what other group buys your gonna put together” -Evolved Boost-

“so excited to get mine!” DBL R

“be sure to include some extra tissues along with the bov for smith….sounds like he’s gonna need them”  howiehowie

Ain’t Sean the best! That’s just me talking.


Synchronic BOV *GROUP BUY* | Monster Sport GROUP BUY | ARK DESIGN SALE | Eco Friendly Power Thread | HKS SALE

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Syn What? Synchronic GROUP BUY Almost Filled Up!


That’s right people we’ve got 9 takers on our list with just one more addition to go! This is such a great deal and just in case you haven’t heard we are now including free shipping to your door!

Jump on this deal now guys it won’t last forever. We’ve negotiate it a one time only price with Synapse and aside from this being one of the better BOV’s out there for the Evo X, it one hell of a deal too!

I would say if you’re interested but let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be! Visit EVOXFORUMS and contact us through there or at info@dsgperformance.com or you can just go directly to our Contact Center and leave your message there. You’ll be able to see all the information you need about the BOV when you follow the forum link, including pictures and video. See you there!

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Syn What? Synchronic GROUP BUY!


That’s right ladies and gentlemen. For the first time DSG Performance has set up an amazing group buy for the Synapse Engineering Synchronic Blow Off Valve for the Mitsubishi Evolution X. This is a one time deal and you have got to take advantage while it’s still hot!

The Synapse Engineering BOV Kit for the Mitsubishi Evo X GROUP BUY:

Due to the vast amount of interest I have received since posting the Synapse Engineering Synchronic BOV thread, I contacted Synapse directly and have been authorized to set up a group buy to provide the EVO X kit for a One-Time-Only special price.

A minimum of 10 confirmed orders is required to receive the benefits of this special.

MSRP: 284.99

One-Time-Only Group Buy Special Price Of: 244.99$
For anything under 10 orders, anyone who is signed up till that point will receive the kit for 269.99$ After that, all sales will revert back to regular pricing.

Here’s where to go! EvoXForums. Here we have all the information you need before making your decision including a company about, summary of the part, benefits, picture, video and more!

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