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Nissan’s Latest Track Pack for GT-R

I’d start by talking a bit about the GT-R itself but after all the popularity this car has received, I think we’re well acquainted with it’s bio so I’ll just dive right into the good stuff. Nissan has released a new track package for our favorite Japanese supercar which should make it an even more ferocious monster on the track.

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2013 Nissan GT-R Release

The 2013 GT-R was released just yesterday and we’ve got some details for you. Most importantly, it looks like the new model will offer even more power, 20hp and 15hp more than the previous model. This bring us to a total output of  542hp and 466lb-ft of torque. Those are some big numbers!

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Next-gen GT-R Details

The GT-R news seems to be piling up this year. First we hear about the changes for 2012 and before you know, 2013 details come rolling in! Get ready ladies and gents because there is a whole bunch of changes coming for the big 13.

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Mugen Honda CR-Z RR

A few days ago, some new photos of the Mugen CR-Z RR were released. Now, since Mugen and CR-Z are both involved, it obviously caught our attention. The RR tuning kit features a host of new goodies some of which composed of that sweet carbon fiber.

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UPDATE! Subaru Impreza STi tS

We recently reported that the Subaru STi tS would be available in Japan and unforuntately not in North America. There wasn’t much information then but as promised, we’re back with all the juicy details we promised.

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Subaru STi tS Sneak Peak

This has become quite the pattern with Subaru. They seem to always keep the best of their creations at the homestead. So, once again, only available in Japan, I give you the STi tS. That’s right both of those powerful powerful mantle under one name. Now, the car hasn’t actually come out yet, in fact the photo above is all she wrote for the time being.

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Elia Renault Wind

When building on a project car, every tuning company has got their process. The first and perhaps most important step is picking the car. There are so many routes to take, you can either go for the clear winner or the hidden gem. Tuning firm Elia has decided to go with the ladder. Now, all the details haven’t hit the streets yet but we couldn’t wait to tell you about this little Renault so here is what we’ve got for you so far.

The car will  come with either a 1.2-liter turbo engine or 1.6-liter variant producing 100 and 133 horsepower, respectively. Features include an upgraded suspension kit and new ECU unit delivering an extra 16 hp and 21 lb-ft of torque.

As far as the aesthetics are concerned, Elia went with LED daytime running lights, 18-inch alloy wheels, and high performance tires.

That’s the word on the track for now but if you’re a big fan of this project already don’t sweat, there’s sure to be more to come!

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Mitsubishi Evolution X Coupe?

Despite the fact that our Evo is meant to be a four dour speedster, we have met many people who are curious as to what a Evo X coupe would look like. Well be curious no more! This Evo owner has decided to take matters into his own hands and make a coupe for himself. The result? Well you decide. Some modifications include a unique wide body kit, deep dish alloy rims, coilover suspension kit, and an upgraded turbo package.

Our perspective? Yes, this does pretty much go against every aspect of what an Evo X is meant to be. (a four door, 4 wheel drive, turbocharged beast) but we’ll admit that the sketches don’t look half bad! The car is currently on sale on eBay because the owner did not want to finish the job. Modifiers remorse I suppose.

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BMW M3 Agitator By RENM

Here we are again people! The people at tuner RENM have come out with a new package featuring aesthetic and performance upgrades for the BMW M3.

Exterior first. The M3 has gotten some exciting feature upgrades like a carbon fiber front lip spoiler, new boot lid, and carbon rear diffuser. To give the Agitator a more aggressive stance, the tuner gave it an adjustable coilover suspension kit to drop the car. Of course with any drop comes a nice set of rims, custom 3-piece T6 forged wheels for this M3 along with bespoke tail lights measuring 76 mm in diameter.

Alright, now lets delve into the performance upgrades. RENM’s plan for this project was putting the car on a nice healthy weight loss diet. To start the tuners have put a new carbon fiber intake system, sport air filters, ECU tuning, and a lightweight high performance exhaust system. The muffler system is 26 lbs lighter than the stock unit. That’s a 40% difference!

RENM have yet to release the official performance increases but one thing is for sure. These guys have created a spectacular M3. After weight reduction is the name of the game these days!

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D2 Forged Chevy Corvette ZR1

It’s quite needless to say that the Corvette ZR1 is a vicious power eating beast. Tuners can flock and play with the numbers a bit but why? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! D2 Forged thought they would just take the aesthetics from aggressive to ferocious and that they have. They started with a set of their D2 Forged wheels which are available in 19-20inches and sport a gloss black center, chrome lip, and chrome rivets. Then, they threw on a coat of eye catching paint. Chrome paint to be exact.

Now, the new shiny paintjob is sure to attract people walking past but the wheels are what I really paid attention to when I first laid eyes on this vette. They’re just perfect for any corvette fan, they didn’t just slap a pair of nice wheels on the car and call it a day, they really chose the set that best compiments this vette and with the lowering suspension kits D2 really delivers the goods.  As an added bonus, these wheels don’t require spacers, they are hub-centric, and also work with the OEM TPMS sensors so they’ll still feel stock.

Just as a reminder, the ZR1 draws its power from a 6.2L supercharged engine capable of 638 hp and 604 ft-lbs of torque. 0-100km/h is dealth with in 3. 4 seconds and tops out at a blistering 330km/h.

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