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COBB Tuning Releases Improved and Expanded Launch Control and Flat Foot Shift for Subaru AccessPORT

COBB has recently released their launch control and flat foot shift for all Subaru turbocharged manual cars. The way COBB explans it is the launch control limits the engine’s RPM to a user-set value when launching to build boost and increase launch consistencys. The flat foot shift allows the driver to maintain wide-open-throttle during gear changes, keeping partial boost between shifts and improving acceleration post-shift.

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Subaru Releases Forester TS

When Subaru released the first STi hatch, there were a lot of confused faces but also some very happy ones, mine for one along with avid snowboarders (me again) and even dad’s that needed the extra space but couldn’t give up that power roaring boxer. Unfortunately, the extra space in the redesigned hot hatch is not enough for all, so you’re left with a select few people who need the suv and have to give up that STi power.. until now of course. Well, in Japan anyway, anyone here is still screwed. Back to my point, the automaker has released the STi tuned Forester and it is quick.

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Subaru Debuts 3rd Gen Boxer Engine

Boxer fans unite! Subaru has just debuted their 3rd generation Boxer engine. This has no doubt gotten us fans excited and thinking about the lovely drives to come, listening to that unique rumble we’ve all come to know and love. Make no mistake about it, this isn’t a rework or a revised edition, this is a brand new engine which Subaru’s parent company built a new factory to produce.

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