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Next Generation WRX To Have HP Boost?

Subaru has got a lot on their hands these days, with the release of their first sports coupe the BRZ as well as fans rallying to find out the juicy details of their next STi and WRX.

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Pre Tokyo 2011: Subaru Limited S206 STi

Excited guys? Next week is the 2011 Tokyo Autoshow which means a whole slew of auto hotness. One car to get pumped for this year would be Suby‘s S206 STi which is to be featured next week at the show.

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Subaru BRZ Concept – Thoughts

Subaru’s BRZ Concept has made it’s debut, it’s getting loads of buzz and I figured now would be a good time to talk a bit about my first impressions. The first thing I thought of when I heard about the BRZ was; exciting! Subaru is taking a stab at a rear wheel drive sports coupe! Don’t get me wrong, they’ve been building some fantastic cars for years and I’m in love with my STi hatch but I was just itching to see what a coupe from Suby would look like.

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Just Added: Carbon By Design for STi & Evo X

You didn’t think we’d let too much time go by before adding another awesome brand to our epic line up did you? Quite the opposite actually, we spent most of our time at SEMA this year, scouring the show for amazing brands that we can bring to you, so consider this one of the many additions you’ll be seeing this winter!

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Just Added: DBA Brake Rotors for STi and Evo X

We never let to much time pass by here at DSG until we add another fantastic brand to our catalog. Our goal is o have as many quality brands on our website as possible and the latest addition is Disc Brakes Australia for your Evo X and STi.

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2013 STi Promised To Dazzle Suby Fans

A lot of buzz has been going around lately about what the 2013 STi will look like and more importantly what will be sitting under its hood. Lucky for us, product manager at Subaru Akihide Takeuchi said “it would be safe for all of us to have very high expectations.”

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Mazda RX-8 Leaves Us On a Final Note and That’s The Spirit R

As you may be able to tell from my past posts on the RX-8, I’ve always had a soft side for the rear wheel drive sports car. I used to have one and even though I love my STi (AKA Rambo) I enjoyed the times I had with my RX-8. Now it seems that Mazda is finally letting go due to falling sales come June and they’re doing it with one more special edition called the Spirit R.

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Recently Released: COBB Tuning Double Adjustable Short Throw Shifter for Subarus

About 2 weeks ago, COBB Tuning released their Double Adjustable Short Shifter for Subaru 5-speed and 6-speed cars. Now, this is actually a return since the tuner used to offer these a while back. The shifters are made from lightweight aluminum and anodized steel.

The obvious benefits are improving shifting feel as well as more precise shifting but COBB’s shifters go further than the regular benefits. These babies are double adjustable for throw and height. As anyone who’s owned an aftermarket short shifter knows, a possible issue you may encounter is longer reach. The great thing about this particular shifter is that you can shorten the throw while maintaining your shift level and stock height. This results in a quicker shift since you’ve eliminated that unnecessary extra reach.

So, if you’ve been looking for a solution to this particular issue with your suby, COBB has your answer!

Click HERE for more information or to order.

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Just Added: The Driveshaft Shop for Evo X, STi and GT-R

We’re back yet again with another edition to our catalog. Today, we’ve got  The Driveshaft Shop. These guys live  and breath transmissions and they’re driveshafts and axles. Their designs are based on giving you the most balanced and reliable solution out there to make sure your happy with the performance of your ride.

Click HERE to head over to our Tuner Shop page and have a browse!

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Just Added: JUN for Evo X, STi & GT-R

We’ve been keeping you updated via Facebook and Twitter, so as you may know, we have been diligently adding new products to our Tuner Shop page, the latest of which has been JUN. We’ll it’s time to come on over and take a browse because we’ve got JUN parts for your STi, Evo X or GT-R.

These items are special order and the reputation of these guys speaks for itself.

Have any question about special orders? Contact us and we’ll get you set up!

Now head over to our Tuner Shop page and get shopping!

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