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Recently Released: COBB Tuning Double Adjustable Short Throw Shifter for Subarus

About 2 weeks ago, COBB Tuning released their Double Adjustable Short Shifter for Subaru 5-speed and 6-speed cars. Now, this is actually a return since the tuner used to offer these a while back. The shifters are made from lightweight aluminum and anodized steel.

The obvious benefits are improving shifting feel as well as more precise shifting but COBB’s shifters go further than the regular benefits. These babies are double adjustable for throw and height. As anyone who’s owned an aftermarket short shifter knows, a possible issue you may encounter is longer reach. The great thing about this particular shifter is that you can shorten the throw while maintaining your shift level and stock height. This results in a quicker shift since you’ve eliminated that unnecessary extra reach.

So, if you’ve been looking for a solution to this particular issue with your suby, COBB has your answer!

Click HERE for more information or to order.

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