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Official: 2013 Scion FR-S

There have been quite a few cars hogging the spotlight this year. I mean, how could they not, they all looked spectacular but there is one other car that I think beats nearly all of them in looks and bad-assery and that would be the FR-S. We saw this baby when DSG hit up SEMA this year and we were not in the least bit disappointed!

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2011 SEMA Show Recap Spotlight: ARK Performance Hyundai Veloster

If you follow us on Twitter, Facebook or on our blog Perspective On Performance, you know by now that DSG has been lucky enough to sponsor ARK Performance’s project Hyundai Veloster which made its debut at the SEMA Show just one week ago. We’ve been talking about it all month because we’ve been so excited for our very first sponsorship and when we’re excited, we can’t help but share it with you!

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SEMA AutoShow 2010 Recap – DSG Style!

Its been a few weeks since the big SEMA Show in Las Vegas took place. We had the opportunity to be there and check out all the great stuff they’re doing there. Aside from being in one of my favorite cities, the show was a blast and we already itching to go again. We took a ton of photos and have been working on a little recap for you, so here it is!

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Pre SEMA – Wraptivo Honda CR-Z Type-F

Ever heard of Meguiar’s Wraptivo? The concept is pretty brilliant, here’s how it works. For less than $2000 you can have an expert install a special vinyl wrap designed by you! To help show the world the wonders of a good vinyl wrap, Maguiar has chosen to take the Honda CR-Z under his wing to present at the upcoming SEMA show. With the help of tuner RJ De Vera and rendering artist Jon Sibal, he plans on giving this CR-Z more than just some killer vinyl.

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Photo of the Day: One Good Looking 370Z!

What you’re looking at here is a beautiful Livery Contest Nissan 370Z at SPEC Clutches and Flywheels booth at SEMA.

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The Hyundai/Greddy Team and Their Genesis Coupe


Speaking of the GT-R and it’s massive tuning potential spiking the interest of tuners everywhere, there is another car which is beginning to catch the eye of all those enthusiasts, the largely known performance parts producer; Greddy in particular. Yes, Hyundai and Greddy have teamed up to release their take on the new Genesis Coupe.

When it comes to the numbers, this take will have about 350hp and 320lb-ft of torque. Other modifications by the Japanese tuner will include front an rear spoiler and a carbon fiber hood. Along with those extravagant graphics put on by Greddy to represent their partnership with Hyundai, that makes for one aggressive and brilliant looking Genesis. Another few additions that will be helping the car get to it maximum output would be a fully adjustable coilover suspension, some kick ass Volk Racing G2’s and some Sparco seats. 

So the remaining question is, does that do it for you? Does that improved power give you the adrenaline boost you’re hoping for? Well if not, don’t lose interest just yet because after the SEMA show where this car will be shown, Greddy plans on doing further modifications to bring this Japanese brawler to 500hp! 

Most of you are probably wondering if Greddy will be selling the components used here. That answer would be yes!

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John Pangilinan’s Take on The Scion TC

Scion TC Main

I remember when the Scion TC first came out. They didn’t have it in Canada but I always loved that car. The look was great and the performance was supposedly up to par. I wanted it for my first car but seeing how it wasn’t in Canada, I had to settle for the Mazda 3. I always knew the TC had a lot of potential, someone just had to bring it out. John Pangilinan is the guy who did it just right in my opinion and with his reputation it’s no surprise. Scion had offered John $15,000 to put his charm on the TC for their SEMA booth. 

My Thoughts: I absolutely love it, I think Pangilinan did a really great job on the TC. The widebody kit looks spectacular. The wheels; well I probably would of chosen different wheels but thats a matter of taste as well. Also the spoiler looks great on the car, without it I think there would be something missing. What can I say I’m big fan. 

Thumbs up on this one!

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