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Recently Released: Password:JDM Lug Nuts Extended Open End

Hello again everyone, we’ve got another release for you. This time from Password:JDM. It’s their new Aluminum Extended Open End Lug Nuts.

As always they come in a variety of colors and the quality and looks on them are impeccable as always. We actually just had a group buy on PWJDM’s other set of lug nuts. What do you say about another one with these?

Click here for more information or to order.

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Interview: Five Axis On The Scion FR-S

Take a seat guys. This one’s going to be special. Last week, we buzzed about an upcoming interview with the owner of Five Axis Troy Sumitomo about their Scion FR-S project. We’ll we’ve got it for you today so let’s get going!

Click here to check out the interview…

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2011 New York Auto Show: Scion FR-S Coupe Concept.. Haba Haba!

Another noteworthy car to come out in New York this year is the impossibly beautiful Scion FR-S Coupe. This concept is just… is..just..Sorry, must stop staring. Anyway, Scion’s concept coupe is a 100% pure bred sports car. Engine up front, rear wheel drive and some awesome handling to boot. It was inspired by the AE86 gen Corolla also known as Hachi Roku, 8-6 in Japanese. The true sports car enthusiast will be pleased.

Click here for the full post and plenty of photos…

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The TGIF Video Party!

It’s time for another edition of Friday web series. I’m of course talking about the TGIF Video Party. I don’t how you week’s went but all I can say for my self is TGIFuckenF! Let’s watch some awesome videos!

Click here to head to the party…

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TGIF Video Party Sneak Feature: Nintendo Scion XB

Here we are again, close to the end of another week. Tomorrow is when you’ll be taking that last drive home from work for a few days. You’ll come home, change into your sweats, have a nice big feast and then sit down to watch the TGIF Video Party! We know, you’re excited, so are we. So we prepared a little Sneak Peak at what’s to come tomorrow. This particular Scion has been modded in a very special way and we knew, we needed an entire post to share it with you.

If you were to walk into the Zen Garage Exhibition in L.A, one thing that would surely catch your eye is Eric Nakamura’s Nintendo inspired Scion XB. This baby shows the importance of incorporating the best quality in your work. Inspired from the videogame era of the 1980’s, the XB comes complete with 8-bit sounds and styling cues. The door knobs of the Nintendo Scion xB emit distinct 8bit sounds when you open the doors and the car starts by pressing an actual video game button.

The key of the XB is actually a game cartridge which emits a sound when using it. Now, this isn’t just a show car, it is fully functional both for driving and gaming. You can play a number of games on the console while the actual game is projected from one of the headlights. How awesome is that?

Click here to check out the video…

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In The City

We’re back for another edition of In The City! For all of you newcomers, this series acts as an information hub for all of you Montrealers out there looking for some tuner fun. We’ve got a lot of exciting upcoming events for you to get pumped about.

Click here to read what’s going on in Montreal…

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In The City

Another series of In The City has come upon us and we’ve got lots of fun events for all of you to look forward to! Whether you live in Dollard Des Ormeaux, drive a toyota, lexus or whether you’re excited for the upcoming Formula 1 making its way back to our fair city, there’s a fun night ahead for everyone.

Read on…

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Five Axis Scion tC

You remember the Scion tC by Five Axis  making an appearance at the New York International Auto Show right? Well, there a couple more shots of the tuner’s tC and as always, we had to share. Why don’t we take a trip down memory lane in case anyone has forgotten the key details shall we? Right off the bat, we can see the enormous transformation of tame to terrorizingly aggressive. The new body kit is just incredibly wide and takes the tC to a whole new level. The Bloodshot Red paintjob isn’t bad to look at either! Continue reading

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Five Axis and Scion tC

We were very excited yesterday when we heard about Scion‘s tC getting a little makeover from tuner Five Axis. Alright, maybe it wasn’t such a small makeover. As you can see Five Axis has helped the tC define the term bad-ass!

On the exterior, the California tuner coated that 4 inch wide curvy body with Blood Shot Red paint. Suspension is taken care of with Tein coilovers along with massive brakes coming in at 14-inches in front and 13-inches in the rear. Continue reading

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Video: Tanner Foust drifts Mulholland Drive in 600hp Scion tC

A video of Tanner Foust drifting Mulholland Drive in his monstrous, wheel burning, torque packed Scion tC. Enjoy! Continue reading

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