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Official: 2013 Scion FR-S

There have been quite a few cars hogging the spotlight this year. I mean, how could they not, they all looked spectacular but there is one other car that I think beats nearly all of them in looks and bad-assery and that would be the FR-S. We saw this baby when DSG hit up SEMA this year and we were not in the least bit disappointed!

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Toyota FT-86 Production Version To Be Different From Concepts – Boo!

When I first laid my eyes on the FT-86 which was said to barely change when it’s production counterpart was to be released, I was just blown away. I thought it was one of the better cars to come out of Toyota. Well it seems I’ve been slapped in the face!

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SEMA 2011 Recap – DSG Style

Well, that was on hell of a week! As most of you know. Last week, DSG packed up and headed to Sin City for the 2011 SEMA Show and we are happy to report that it was even more spectacular than last year. All week last week, we uploaded photos to Facebook and Tweeted endlessly but now we’re home and as always, it’s time for a SEMA Show recap! So buckle your seatbelts ladies and gents, we’ve got a lot to tell you!

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2011 New York Auto Show: Scion FR-S Coupe Concept.. Haba Haba!

Another noteworthy car to come out in New York this year is the impossibly beautiful Scion FR-S Coupe. This concept is just… is..just..Sorry, must stop staring. Anyway, Scion’s concept coupe is a 100% pure bred sports car. Engine up front, rear wheel drive and some awesome handling to boot. It was inspired by the AE86 gen Corolla also known as Hachi Roku, 8-6 in Japanese. The true sports car enthusiast will be pleased.

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