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Toyota FT-86 Production Version To Be Different From Concepts – Boo!

When I first laid my eyes on the FT-86 which was said to barely change when it’s production counterpart was to be released, I was just blown away. I thought it was one of the better cars to come out of Toyota. Well it seems I’ve been slapped in the face!

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Video of the Day: Toyota FT86: This Car Even Looks Hot in GT5!


So by now we have all seen the FT86 at the Tokyo Motor Show and such which is why there would be no reason to show photos of it. Instead I thought I’d show a video of its feature in the upcoming GT5. On a side not they have been showing a lot of individual trailers on cars like the Gullwing, the 458 Italia and so on.

The FT86 is one menacing car. It looks aggressive and ready to pounce! I know we’re excited to see what it will look like when it hits production.

Without further a due!

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