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Black Friday @ DSG – COBB, BLITZ, PW JDM, ETS & MISHIMOTO! Eat up boys!

It’s here, Black Friday – one of the ultimate sales days of the year and we’re bringing it to you hard. Listed below are some of our major specials, if you want something shoot me over a PM and I’ll hook you up! We’re working throughout the holiday, so enjoy yourselves, eat up …drink up and hit us up

*NOTE: FREE SHIPPING Applies ONLY to the lower 48 United States – Canadian and International customers may be subject to additional shipping costs, but we’ll help you out!

Click here to head over to the sale!

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Pre SEMA Sale!

It’s our second year attending SEMA and from what we can see, this year’s going to be a big one! DSG is packing up and heading to Vegas for 1 week to see what cool, new and innovative products we can bring you guys for the new upcoming year. Not to mention all the partying!

From the ARK Veloster we have sponsored to the Vorsteiner private party, we will be “working” are asses off just for you!

In honor of this epic week of insane cars and whole new levels of performance, we bring you the DSG Performance Pre SEMA Sale, so come and get it!

*Sales prices are NOT subject to stock! What does this mean for you? If we sell out of a particular item, we’ve got you covered and will honor our pricing regardless!*

Pricing on most of these is too low to post, so hit me up via PM! Not sure what you’re looking for or looking for a deal on a brand that isn’t listed? I can help you find it

This sale expires the 30th of October, get em while they’re hot!

Click here to head to the sale!

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Just Added: Password:JDM Theft Proof Oil Cap for Evo X

We’re back again for another awesome product being added to our line up. A while back we added Password: JDM universal theft proof oil caps and now we’ve got the Evo X specifics ones for you today!

The Theft Proof Oil Cap comes with a key which according to PWJDM is the only way humanly possible to remove this cap. Installation doesn’t change it will still take you a couple of seconds and you’re all set and ready to dare people to try and twist it off.

You’ve got a choice of  black, silver, bronze, blue, purple and red. The key itself is available only in black.

For more information or to order click HERE!

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Just Added: Password:JDM Dry Carbon Ultimate Front Lip for GT-R

Our Just Added series is one of our favorites. We love adding up these awesome products and telling you guys about it! This brings me to our latest addition, the Dry Carbon Ultimate Front Lip for the GT-R by our friends over at Password:JDM.

If you’re looking for a unique, aggressive lip for your already sexy GT-R, PWJDM has got one hell of an option for you. It’s made out of  Dry Carbon and include dry carbon brake ducts. It’s very strong as well made out of honeycomb matrix on the underside so it’s able to handle any punishment you dish out on the track.

Some of the features include:

– 100% Dry Carbon Construction – MADE IN THE USA
– HMR – Honeycomb Matrix Reinforced Construction
– Lightweight (8.5lbs bare) and SUPER STRONG…hell, we’ve taken a baseball bat to it!
– Dry Carbon Fin Strakes come STANDARD

For more information or to order yourself one, click HERE!

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At Long Last, It Has Arrived! The Password: JDM Full Engine Washer Dressup Kit Group Buy!

This summer we are going absolutely nuts with Group Buys. We’re having them as often as we can to bring you the best products at the best prices. Our latest one to hit the market is for Password:JDM’s Full Engine Washer Dressup Kit.

We’ve got FREE shipping for you of course along with one sweet low price. MSRP on these go for 179.99 plus shipping. We’re bringing these to you at 119.99 and we’re throwing in shipping!

Available colors are Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Gold, Purple and Green.

And once again, bringing you a little extra – Just as in the previous group buys, anyone who participates in the group buy will ALSO receive a 5% discount off of their next order on any Password: JDM part from DSG Performance!

Head over to EvoXForums or email us at sales@dsgperformance.com to sign up today!

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Even A Ninja Couldn’t Swipe This! PW JDM Theft Proof Oil Caps

We’re back with another awesome sale. Head over to EvoXForums or email us at sales@dsgperformance.com and pick one of 7 colors for Passwod:JDM’s Theft Proof Oil Caps!

A bit from the company:

Forget about people messing with your oil cap, they can’t steal this one. Hell, you gotta be hella strong to twist this one off with your bare hands. If you can take this oil cap off with your bare hands, you deserve to keep it. As a matter of fact, come on down to PasswordJDM and if you can twist it off one of our showroom cars, it’s yours! The PasswordJDM Theft Proof Oil Cap comes with a key just like the sick ass Racing Hart wheels back in the days. Without this key, all I can say is “GOOD LUCK!” It goes on just like any other oil cap, you torque it with the key and you’re done. Installs in less than 10 sec. with nothing more than just half a brain, we made this one so simple even Forrest Gump can figure it out.

If you’ve got any questions, as always we’re here to help!

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Password:JDM Crazy for Carbon Summer Mega Sale!

Looks like we’ve gone crazy for Carbon!

Introducing the Password:JDM Carbon&Kevlar Summer MEGA Sale! 10% off the full Carbon Lineup & 12% off on all Carbon Kevlar from PW:JDM @ DSG Performance.com!

This sale is for 2 weeks only, so get them while they’re hot! Sale ends 07/21/2011.

Head over to EvoXForums or our Tuner Shop page (look for Mega Sale in the titles) to order!

Due to the high demand of these parts, in the case where stock get sold out you will still be eligible to order at the reduced sales price. We here at DSG Performance will honor ALL sales throughout the 2 week sales period.

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Recently Released: Password JDM Ultra-Lite Micro Locking Nuts 12×1.5

Password:JDM has been having quite a month with all their releases and they don’t seem to want to stop! Thats good, because the more they come up with the more deals were going to have for you. Just the other day we posted about the release of
their Extended Open End Lug nuts and now we’ve got a new Lug Nut hot out of the shop. These babies are PWJDM’s Ultra-Lite Micro Locking Lug Nuts.

Click here for the full post…

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Grab hold with the W/The Password: JDM Shift knob GROUP BUY!

With the great and speedy success of our last PW JDM Lug Nut Group Buy, were back at you again with yet another! You can choose from either the Balanced Shift Knob, or the Delrin shift knob with your choice if color and insert.

NOW FULLY IN STOCK & Read to ship out direct!

Whoa now, you’re doing it again? Yes sir! Just as in the last group buy, anyone who participates in the group bu will ALSO receive a 5% discount off of their next order on any Password: JDM part from DSG Performance!

Click here to sign up or email us at sales@dsgperformance.com

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Recently Released: Password:JDM Lug Nuts Extended Open End

Hello again everyone, we’ve got another release for you. This time from Password:JDM. It’s their new Aluminum Extended Open End Lug Nuts.

As always they come in a variety of colors and the quality and looks on them are impeccable as always. We actually just had a group buy on PWJDM’s other set of lug nuts. What do you say about another one with these?

Click here for more information or to order.

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