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The SSP Cam Sensor Heat Shield Group Buy @ DSG Performance – FREE SHIPPING!

The South Side Performance Evo X Cam Sensor Heat Shield was produced after seeing numerous failures of the OEM Cam Sensor due to increased heat when running a aftermarket Tubular Exhaust Manifold. Failed cam sensors = the suck, protect your investment, and add a little bling!

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Recently Released: GReddy Hood Lifting Kit

Serving as a little extra bling for the engine bay as well as a kick-ass alternative to the abnoxious hood stand, we’ve got the GReddy Engine Hood Lifter Kit for you. If you head to our tuner shop page, you’ll see these babies listed for your Evo X or GT-R.

Containing Carbon Fiber Dampers with ball and cop joints, all in a black finish and designed for your OEM hood, these are the perfect solution for making things easier and doing it with style!

For other applications, please contact us.

For more information or to order a set, click on the links below.

Evo X Engine Lifter Kit

GT-R Engine Lifter Kit

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Aeromotions Launching New Ultra Performance Wing for the GT-R

As the Nissan GT-R’s popularity increases, so does the demand for making it faster and tougher around the track. Aeromotions has decided to step in and give those hardcore GT-R fans what they’ve been asking for. They’ve revised the carbon blade on their R2 line of static and active wings for added strength.

The accuracy of installations is really a priority for the this tuner. They’ve made it so the wing mounts in the exact spot of the stock spoiler. Yes, two new holes need to be drilled to stabilize it but the OEM wing will cover the holes if you decide to switch it up again. No removing the entire trunk lid for a swap with Aeromotion’s Static R2.

Pricing on this revised wing will remain at $1,699.00 so no worries on spending any extra cash!

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