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Nissan’s Latest Track Pack for GT-R

I’d start by talking a bit about the GT-R itself but after all the popularity this car has received, I think we’re well acquainted with it’s bio so I’ll just dive right into the good stuff. Nissan has released a new track package for our favorite Japanese supercar which should make it an even more ferocious monster on the track.

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TraffiStar SR590 Super Speed Camera: Uh-Oh

Yes, your fears which arrised after reading the title are correct. A Swiss company by the name of Multanova has officially become a speeders worst enemy. The company developed a high speed camera titled the TraffiStar SR590 which has the capability of monitoring up to 22 cars over a maximum distance of 500 meters. The super speed camera uses 3D radar tracking technology to spot red light and speed offenders while providing digital photo documentation.

Sorry, that’s not all. The SR590 can also monitor the distance between two vehicles, turning restrictions, pedestrian priority and even overtaking. Basically, we fart and the police smell it. Yup! I went for a fart analogy.

Here’s the good news for all of us North Americans. After testing in Geneva and and Switzerland is complete, the camera will only reside in Europe. For now. It may just be a matter of time until the technology reaches over to us.

The moral of the story is clearly to get all your speeding out now while it lasts! I only kid, that would be wildly reckless!

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North America Carbon Fiber Plant in The Works For BMW?

So word on the track is that BMW has been going plant shopping lately. The odd thing is that it isn’t an assembly plant for cars but rather a carbon fiber plant and in North America! BMW and their partner the SGL Group will apparently announce that they will be building a carbon fiber plant in Moses Lake, WA. This is great news for any city since this new venture will be bringing 200 jobs and $200 million to the region. Now this is the cool sounding part; BMW officials have reportedly come to Washington to go land searching for their ‘top secret project’ code named ‘Project Chinook’. It’s always exciting news when you hear the words top secret project and a code name right? Continue reading

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