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Juke R – Now That’s What I Call Commitment!

Now this is something I love to see. The Juke R, a combination of the GT-R and Juke was released a little while ago and has since gotten a lot of buzz. Why wouldn’t it, it came out pretty awesome after all. Turns out though, that the UK team which was behind the concept built it without approval rom the execs at Nissan.

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Nissan’s Latest Track Pack for GT-R

I’d start by talking a bit about the GT-R itself but after all the popularity this car has received, I think we’re well acquainted with it’s bio so I’ll just dive right into the good stuff. Nissan has released a new track package for our favorite Japanese supercar which should make it an even more ferocious monster on the track.

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Nismo Leaf RC at New York AutoShow 2011

The New York auto show was packed with awesome new cars and technologies, much like it is every year but this time, there was something pretty different. It was Nissan’s Leaf Nismo RC. That’s right a Racing Competition battery powered car. Now don’t get to excited because performance wise, it isn’t race ready quite yet but it does provide a pretty awesome look into a possible electric competition race future.

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It’s Official! 2012 Nissan GT-R

The time has finally arrived. We all been very anxious to find out what the details of the 2012 GT-R facelift would be and today’s our lucky day! We’ve got the 411 on the 2012 Nissan GT-R, together with the 2012 SpecV, the Club Track special edition and the 2012 Nissan GT-R facelift EGOIST.

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Nissan GT-R Alpha 9 By AMS Performance

Performance tuner extraordinaire AMS has just released their Alpha 9 upgrade program for the Nissan GT-R R35. As most of us know, when AMS gets near a GT-R, they mean business! The package mostly contains performance modifications that all work together to help the car reach some serious number.

Some of the modifications include a 90 mm exhaust system, upgraded billet wheel ball bearing turbochargers, new turbo inlet pipes, a front mount intercooler upgrade, custom calibrated MAF sensors and high-flow intake piping / turbo inlet piping with K&N air filters. The drive also has the option to add catalytic converters for the downpipes and a substitute race mid-pipe which removes the muffler. All of this results in 650hp, 710hp at the wheels and a quarter mile time of 10 seconds.

The Alpha 9 is priced at $21999.99. Still not convinced? Watch the video below and see it make the quarter mile in 10.1 seconds on pump gas!

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The TGIF Video Party!

And so we arrive at another edition of The TGIF Video Party! Once a week we all gather to kick back, relax and watch some awesome videos from the DSG Performance favorites archive. To all you new visitors out there, welcome and enjoy! There’s plenty of editions for you to catch up on. For those of you who are returning for your weekly fix, welcome back! Alright, let’s get started.

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Jun Releases Short Head and Short Block for Nissan GT-R

Japanese tuner JUN has recently come out with a short head and short block for everyone’s favorite GT-R. You what that means, some beyond high quality Japanese parts!

For the short head, JUN’s got two different driving levels. The Basic setting has been made for minimum processing to adjust uneven quality of factory parts. The EX setting incorporates special parts and processing recommended by the tuner. The head is  pre-assembled.

The short block was built as a custom kit for the EX 4.0L. A cylinder liner is included for expansion.

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900hp Ethanol Nissan GT-R P900 By Switzer

Ohio tuner Switzer Performance are at it again with their 900hp GT-R featuring a brand new transmission to handle the extra ponies since the P700. A unique feature on the P900 is that it runs on E85 Ethanol which is why a stronger transmission was need in order to handle all that power.

Since power control was the biggest concern, the tuner hired  Dodson Motorsports in New Zealand to help develop a bulletproof transmission. A few months later voila! A tranny capable of pushing over 800hp. Switzer’s GT-R also has the extraordinary Amuse carbon fiber aero kit,   three-way adjustable suspension, and 20-inch BBS wheels.

This Godzilla GT-R is available at Switzer Performance.

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Rumor Mill: Next Nissan GT-R To Go Hybrid?

Rumors of the next GT-R using alternative fuel isn’t breaking news, they’ve been going around since last year. What is new is that GT-R chief engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno confirmed that an alternative powertrain will be a necessity to keep the GT-R relevant and meet future emissions and fuel economy standards. 

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Willall Racing Shift Light for Nissan GT-R

Willall has come out with a classy and subtle shift light for our favorite GT-R. Features include 7 high intensity, RPM programmable, LEDs that light up in regular intervals until they begin to all flash at a pre-set RPM limit before cutoff.

The shift light is priced at  $160.00 and fits perfectly into the GT-R’s interior. All necessary instructions are included.

If you’re interest in this shift light please contact us for more information.

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