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The TGIF Video Party!

I was just flipping through all the old TGIF posts in the archives and man have we done a lot of them. It’s been over a year since we started our little Friday evening delight and as long as you guys still love it, we’ll keep doing it! Today we’ve got 5 particularly awesome videos for you. Some of them are a bit lengthy so grab a beer and settle in for this week’s TGIF Video Party!

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Juke R – Now That’s What I Call Commitment!

Now this is something I love to see. The Juke R, a combination of the GT-R and Juke was released a little while ago and has since gotten a lot of buzz. Why wouldn’t it, it came out pretty awesome after all. Turns out though, that the UK team which was behind the concept built it without approval rom the execs at Nissan.

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Audience in Spain Get To See Completed Juke-R

As most of you probably have, we’ve been following the Nissan Juke-R web build on YouTube. When we first heard the idea sounded pretty interesting. Could the Japanese automaker really transform the Juke into a ferocious force much like the GT-R? Well we recently got a resounding hell yes to our answer when an audience in Spain got to see the unveiling of the Juke-R in the flesh.

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