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The SSP Cam Sensor Heat Shield Group Buy @ DSG Performance – FREE SHIPPING!

The South Side Performance Evo X Cam Sensor Heat Shield was produced after seeing numerous failures of the OEM Cam Sensor due to increased heat when running a aftermarket Tubular Exhaust Manifold. Failed cam sensors = the suck, protect your investment, and add a little bling!

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Video: COBB Tuning Says Goodbye To Summer

Sadly, the summer is slowly coming to an end. The AccessPort Inventor COBB Tuning has put together a little compilation video of some Surgeline summer fun. Check out footage from their free drag night, BBQ’s and more fun events!

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Best Seller Of The Week: HKS Fuel Rail Upgrade Kit

Looking for a Fuel Rail upgrade for you Evo X  but you’re unsure of which to get? DSG to the rescue! See what the tuners are buying with the latest Best Seller Of The Week! The HKS Fuel Upgrade kit made the cut for this week’s edition.

Getting optimum fuel delivery is an absolute must when taking your car to a high performance and high boost level. That’s where the japanese tuner’s kit comes in. The HKS fuel rail is a direct bolt-on replacement of your factory fuel rail, and allows for larger top-feed injectors to be added. Aluminum is the material of choice on the kit and anodized purple is what makes it pop!

For more information on the HKS Fuel Rail Upgrade kit, click here. This item is currently on sale!

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Goodie Of The Day: HKS Oil Filter For Mitsubishi Evolution X

Our Goodie Of The Day series consists of us here at DSG talking about some of the best parts out there but that doesn’t mean they all have to put a big dent in your wallet. Take the HKS Oil Filter for the Evo X. At under $20, it’s very affordable and packs quite a punch.

This particular filter reserves the ability to improves oil pressure drop and flow properties by approximately 30% compared to current aftermarket sports oil filters. The Japanese tuner worked out some of the kinks generally found in filters and have come out with a superior product that guarantees to provide the proper oil flow that your high performance engine demands. 

For more information on today’s goodie, click here.

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Mitsubishi Evolution X Coupe?

Despite the fact that our Evo is meant to be a four dour speedster, we have met many people who are curious as to what a Evo X coupe would look like. Well be curious no more! This Evo owner has decided to take matters into his own hands and make a coupe for himself. The result? Well you decide. Some modifications include a unique wide body kit, deep dish alloy rims, coilover suspension kit, and an upgraded turbo package.

Our perspective? Yes, this does pretty much go against every aspect of what an Evo X is meant to be. (a four door, 4 wheel drive, turbocharged beast) but we’ll admit that the sketches don’t look half bad! The car is currently on sale on eBay because the owner did not want to finish the job. Modifiers remorse I suppose.

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Recently Added: Password:JDM in the Spotlight

This week, we’ve added some more performance parts for you and as alwayls, they’re the best of the best! Today we want to focus on one brand. One brand who has made carbon fiber and carbon kevlar engine parts that are beyond immaculate and it can’t hurt that their sexy too. For those of you who haven’t heard about Password JDM, these guys are the kings of carbon and have decided to bring their expertise to the Evo X world – DSG Performance’s territory.

Funny story; A little while back we had a discussion with the boys over at Password: JDM and decided to come over here and find out what you, the Evo X owners were looking for. Well, they listened and boy did they deliver! So without further ado, check out Password:JDM’s new Evo X carbon fiber and carbon kevlar performance parts!

Password:JDM Sale by DSG Performance on EvoXForums…

Password:JDM Evo X Performance parts of DSG Performance.com…

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Jamaica’s Fastest Mitsubishi Evo

Watch out people! Jamaica’s got a ferocious Evo under their sleeve. This rally monster has been catching the attention of people everywhere achieving a place as one of the top 5 evo’s worldwide. 

Captain Marck Carey’s goal for his time attack Evo is of course to make it the fastest all around car on the block and by the looks of it, he’s not too far away from it!

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Sunline Racing Aero Kit for Evo X

Japanese tuner Sunline Racing has released their latest aero package for the Mitsubishi Evolution X. Details from the company below!


New for 2010- Sunline Racing, known prominently for their Nissan upgrades,
has finally issued a new line of aero products for the Evo 10. The following items are scheduled to be stateside by late August. 

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Syn What? Synchronic GROUP BUY Almost Filled Up!


That’s right people we’ve got 9 takers on our list with just one more addition to go! This is such a great deal and just in case you haven’t heard we are now including free shipping to your door!

Jump on this deal now guys it won’t last forever. We’ve negotiate it a one time only price with Synapse and aside from this being one of the better BOV’s out there for the Evo X, it one hell of a deal too!

I would say if you’re interested but let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be! Visit EVOXFORUMS and contact us through there or at info@dsgperformance.com or you can just go directly to our Contact Center and leave your message there. You’ll be able to see all the information you need about the BOV when you follow the forum link, including pictures and video. See you there!

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