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DSG Presents…The Chistmafy Your Car Photo Contest!

Alright boys and girls, the holidays are around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited. This year has been real good to us here at DSG and we have a lot of new and exciting things coming your way for 2012 including our long awaiting Evo X A-Pillars. So, we just want to say a little thanks and give back with our first annual DSG Performance Christmafy Your Ride Facebook contest!

Click here for details on how to enter!

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The SSP Cam Sensor Heat Shield Group Buy @ DSG Performance – FREE SHIPPING!

The South Side Performance Evo X Cam Sensor Heat Shield was produced after seeing numerous failures of the OEM Cam Sensor due to increased heat when running a aftermarket Tubular Exhaust Manifold. Failed cam sensors = the suck, protect your investment, and add a little bling!

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Update! Dual A Pillar Gauge Pods By DSG Performance – New Images!

If you follow our developments, you’ve surely heard that we here a DSG at producing our very own homemade Pillar Gauge Pod for the Evo X. We’ve been releasing whatever information we can for the past week or so and figured it was time for a couple more teaser images.

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Dual A Pillar Gauge Pods By DSG Performance – Yes, You’re Reading Correctly.

We’ve been keeping pretty tight lipped about what we’ve been up to over here at DSG Performance, though a few of you have had a bit of an idea with our “DSG Needs A Pillar Thread” on EvoXForums, lol. Given how absolutely necessary these are to the Evo X community, we didn’t want to post anything up until we were getting closer to production mode and were certain that everything was good to go. Something that we will never do here at DSG is sacrifice quality for time or money. If we are going to be manufacturing something, it has got to be damn well better than amazing. If I can say so myself, they look damn good.

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Just Added: Carbon By Design for STi & Evo X

You didn’t think we’d let too much time go by before adding another awesome brand to our epic line up did you? Quite the opposite actually, we spent most of our time at SEMA this year, scouring the show for amazing brands that we can bring to you, so consider this one of the many additions you’ll be seeing this winter!

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Recently Released: Tomei Expreme Outlet Component for Evo X

Recently hitting the market this week is Tomei’s Expreme Outlet Component for your Evo X. This outlet is constructed of stainless steel and is said to significantly increase the performance and exhaust efficiency of your ride. The larger diameter pipe also helps smooth the acceleration out acorss the power band.

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Just Added: DBA Brake Rotors for STi and Evo X

We never let to much time pass by here at DSG until we add another fantastic brand to our catalog. Our goal is o have as many quality brands on our website as possible and the latest addition is Disc Brakes Australia for your Evo X and STi.

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Just Added: Garage G-Force for Evo X

Another brand that we’ve just added to our catalog is Garage G-Force. You may have heard of these guys if you saw their monstrous Evo X. They make a whole slew of parts for our favorite Evo and now you can get them right here at DSG, your special order specialists 🙂

Click HERE to check out them out!

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Just Added: M Sport for Evo X

It’s been a busy few month for us. As you can see by all the Just Added posts, we’ve been busier than ever adding new unique brands to our catalog. The latest of which has been M Sport, these guys, like most of the other companies listed in our line up make exceptional body parts for your Evo X.

So to sum up, if you’re looking to have one of the most bad-ass looking Evos on the block, M Sport aero pieces would be one hell of a start!

Click HERE for more information or to order!

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Just Added: Password:JDM Theft Proof Oil Cap for Evo X

We’re back again for another awesome product being added to our line up. A while back we added Password: JDM universal theft proof oil caps and now we’ve got the Evo X specifics ones for you today!

The Theft Proof Oil Cap comes with a key which according to PWJDM is the only way humanly possible to remove this cap. Installation doesn’t change it will still take you a couple of seconds and you’re all set and ready to dare people to try and twist it off.

You’ve got a choice of  black, silver, bronze, blue, purple and red. The key itself is available only in black.

For more information or to order click HERE!

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