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Best Seller of the Week: HKS GT II 7460 Ball Bearing Turbo for Evo X

The item taking the gold for our latest best seller of the week is the HKS GTII 7460 Ball Bearing Turbo for your Mitsubishi Evolution X. This one isn’t exactly a surprise considering how awesome it is. This baby is a  true bolt-on upgrade thanks to the GTII Turbo special cast turbine and compressor housings and the utilization of the OEM exhaust manifold.

The twin scroll, reverse rotation turbocharger includes the same features as the Sport Turbo upgrade kit for the EVO 4-9, but is a standard rotation turbocharger.

Still curious? Check out a review of the GTII 7460 Ball Bearing Turbo on EvoXForums here!

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Just Released: Password:JDM 5 Point Front Strut Tower Bar

In the past few months Password:JDM has released a whole slew of near perfect performance parts for our favorite Evo X and it’s been a blast working with them to help bring these goodies to you. Just when you think things can’t get better, enter the 5 Point Front Strut Tower Bar! This item is “designed to strengthen the chassis of the EVO by joining the two shock towers together along with a third chassis reinforcement on the firewall. Improve the road feel and handling characteristics of your Lancer Evolution during spirited street or track performance driving.”

Click here to read the rest and view more pics…

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Best Seller of the Week: Rexpeed Steering Carbon Gauge Pod For Mitsubishi Evo X

Welcome back one and all  to another edition of our Best Seller of the Week Series! This week was a pretty close win but Rexpeed‘s Steering Carbon Gauge Pod took the gold. So what is there to say about this pretty item. There comes a point where gauges become a necessity in a car carrying more power than others on the road. You can go the digital route of course but there are plenty of people out there (like us) that still get the butterflies from a classic gauge look. Rexpeed’s gauge pod does an excellent job in exentuating the look you already love with the added addition of some lightweight carbon fiber.

Click here to read the rest…

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Goodie Of The Day: AMS Performance Evo X V Band Turbo Kit

Making the cut for this edition of Goodie of the Day is the recently released Evo X V Band Turbo Kit by AMS Performance. Claimed by it’s maker to be the most advanced and reliable kit on the market, this turbo has got a lot to prove but we bet AMS is up for the challenge.

Click here to read the rest…

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Best Seller Of The Week: HKS Fuel Rail Upgrade Kit

Looking for a Fuel Rail upgrade for you Evo X  but you’re unsure of which to get? DSG to the rescue! See what the tuners are buying with the latest Best Seller Of The Week! The HKS Fuel Upgrade kit made the cut for this week’s edition.

Getting optimum fuel delivery is an absolute must when taking your car to a high performance and high boost level. That’s where the japanese tuner’s kit comes in. The HKS fuel rail is a direct bolt-on replacement of your factory fuel rail, and allows for larger top-feed injectors to be added. Aluminum is the material of choice on the kit and anodized purple is what makes it pop!

For more information on the HKS Fuel Rail Upgrade kit, click here. This item is currently on sale!

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Mitsubishi Evolution X Coupe?

Despite the fact that our Evo is meant to be a four dour speedster, we have met many people who are curious as to what a Evo X coupe would look like. Well be curious no more! This Evo owner has decided to take matters into his own hands and make a coupe for himself. The result? Well you decide. Some modifications include a unique wide body kit, deep dish alloy rims, coilover suspension kit, and an upgraded turbo package.

Our perspective? Yes, this does pretty much go against every aspect of what an Evo X is meant to be. (a four door, 4 wheel drive, turbocharged beast) but we’ll admit that the sketches don’t look half bad! The car is currently on sale on eBay because the owner did not want to finish the job. Modifiers remorse I suppose.

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Best Seller Of The Week: Password:JDM Carbon Fiber Spark Plug Cover

When shopping for a new part for your beloved car, a lot of people encounter a problem. How do you choose? I mean, there are so many parts out there. They’ve all got a way to make your car faster, stronger and sexier, how do you choose! DSG Performance to the rescue! In our quest to bring you all we can, we’ll be naming our best seller every week. Why are we doing this? So you’ll know what the tuning world is into at the moment, how good the part is and which part you’ll have the most people to talk to about. So let’s begin. Our Best Seller of this week goes to Password:JDM‘s Carbon Fiber Spark Plug Cover for the Evo X!

Since PWJDM released their new Evo X line to us, they’ve been the talk of the town and the Spark Plug cover has won the most Evo X hearts. The race inspired covers are precision crafted for perfect fitment. Fade resistant resin was used to keep people saying “these are pretty!” years later.

If you’d like to become another proud owner head over to our Tuner Shop page here. We’ve knocked off and addition 5% for a limited time and this baby qualifies for FREE shipping!

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2011 Mitsubishi Evo X SE

When it comes to the Evo X, you’ve basically got two options. You’ve got your basic GSR model which comes equipped with a 5 speed manual transmission or you can upgrade to the MR’s dual clutch system for quite a bit more money. Well, a third option is being thrown in to the loop and it goes by the SE.

The newest edition to the clan carries the TC-SST transmission complete with three driving modes – Normal, Sport and Super-Sport giving the S-AWC all wheel drive system the 291hp and 300lb-ft of torque it craves.

On the outside, it’s essentially a combo of it’s two siblings with a GSR front fascia and black vents, along with an MR rear diffuser and upgraded Bilstein shocks. Clothed Recaros on the inside.

Pricing hasn’t been announced yet but you can expect it to come in at around $35,000, which should be around $3g’s less than the MR.

What do we think, pass? fail?

More photos….

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COBB Announces Price Reduction On Accessport!

Great news! Recent improvements in Cobb’s production ability has made it possible for them to reduce the price of their infamous Accessport! Still haven’t got one? What are you waiting for?

Click HERE for the reduced price and full details!

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Enkei’s Performance Line Wheels

In this industry there are just so many choices. You want a body kit? You better shop around because there are tons of them around to suit your ride. Same goes for wheels. There is just such a selection out there. How can we chose which ones we’ll go with? Well we don’t really have a solution for you, actually we’re about to make your decision making process even harder by adding another two wheels to the already infinite amount!

We must say, these better be at the top of your list because they are stunning! To achieve this level of attractiveness, Enkei employs a number of techniques. One of these techniques would be using a ‘MAT Forming’ process that aids them in creating light alloy wheels in larger sizes by first spinning the rim to alter the micro structure of the aluminum to resemble that of a forged wheel, the wheel is then shaved of its materials to save about 10-15% of its weight. Yes, they’re still cast wheels but much lighter and stronger. These wheels feature a unique ‘roulette pattern’ to help stop slippage between the tire and rim. Alright, we’ve got all the information, now let’s take a look!

First up would be the Enkei PF01:

Classic spilt-5 spoke design and comes in 15×5J – 18×9J sizes with offsets from +35 to +53 and also come in PCD 4×100 and 5×114.3

Next up, the Enkei PF02:

Hollowed out 5 spoke design with spokes that go to the edge of the rim giving the illusion that is is larger than it actually is. Sizes range from 15×5J to 18×8J with offsets from +38 to +53 and also come in PCD 4×100 and 5×114.3.

So there you have it. What do you think? We’d love to know, just leave your comments in the comment link below! Our take? We think Enkei has made two very bad ass wheels, perhaps their best yet!

Stay tuned for a big sale on DSG Performance!

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