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The TGIF Video Party!

You must be just getting home now. After a long day, followed by a long ride home in rush hour traffic. All you want to do at this point is just sit down and let loose. Well as always, DSG has got you covered with another edition of the TGIF Video Party! This week we’e got another 5 videos that will blow your mind!

Click here to head to the party!

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Death of a Titan

The iPod, iPhone and iPad. These devices changed their industries and it all came from the mind of one person. Steve Jobs. Often described as a visionary genius, everything he touched turned to gold. Yesterday, Apple’s great fear came true and at the age of 56, Jobs passed surrounded by his family.

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Cobra Radar Detector In The Comfort of Your iPhone

Radar detectors are definitely useful, especially now with speeding tickets are a much more frequent occurance but maybe you don’t want a whole system installed in your car, maybe you’d rather have something small and compact to keep away preying eyes. Well, it seems that radar detector producer Cobra has a solution with their latest technology which is able to turn your iPhone into a fully operational radar detector. The iRadar as they call it uses radar/laser gun and speed/red light camera detection technology. Included in this little package is the radar detector, an App for the iPhone and Bluetooth wireless technology to connect iPhone to the detector. All this successfully makes your phone into a Multi-Touch display to control the detector’s settings.

The intellegent Cobra iPhone Radar Detector has a 360 degrees detection angle and works against regular radar and laser guns. At only 169.99, this item is one very serious alternative to your standard system. Plus, I would feel like a spy with some high tech gadgets at my disposal. No? Alright, just me then.

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Goodie Of The Day: AEM X-WIFI Wideband Air UEGO and EGT Wireless Gauge Controller

Whether you’re not a fan of gauges or if you’d like a quick and easy way to monitor your AFR and EGT data in real time, our Goodie of the Day winner could be a perfect match! Going home with the gold today is AEM’s X-WIFI Wideband Air UEGO/EGT Wireless Gauge Controller. Not only can you get all the data you need about your care in real time but you can get it on the move with a smartphone of your choice like the iPhone, Storm 2 or Droid. All you need is a working mobile web browser.

As the name implies, you can easily connect wirelessly through WiFi. The system includes a Bosch sensor with an accuracy of .1 AFR, making it one of the fastest and most accurate widebands out there.  When using this bad boy with the two K-Type EGT sensors, the X-WiFi gives fast and accurate reference to real-time exhaust gas conditions. The interface is simple and easy to view and installation is a breeze.

Click here to view more features of the AEM X-WiFi 

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AC Shnitzer Design App For iPhone

The cool thing about iPhone apps is they offer near endless opportunities to businesses in any industry. AC Shnitzer has decided to bring the app world to our tuning world with their brand new application. Click on the AC Shnitzer app on your iPhone and you’ll find four very handy features: a direct link to current AC Schnitzer cars for sale, a preview of exhaust sounds, a ‘park service’  which guides you back to when you parked your car and a news section.

Their app is completely free and you can download for your phone in the app store or right here.

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Ion Carbon Fiber Shell For The iPhone!

Yet another cover has made its way to the market for the ever so protector friendly iPhone only this time, it’s something us tuners may be interested in. What make’s Ion’s protective shell different from so many others is that it sports a combination of leather and carbon fiber. That’s right, phone covers are apparently so heavy that we are in dire need of some lightening material! We must admit though that the accessories company did do a very good job. It looks fantastic and is incredibly strong and stable so you don’t have to worry about it splitting open on one of those dreaded phone drops. The carbon fiber takes care of the weight while the stitched leather gives you a little something extra to look at. Continue reading

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RE Amemiya Gizmobies Cover For iPhone

Today, we’re going to do things a bit different for you. Since we are an automotive tuning parts store, we usually write about the tuning world but once in a while it’s nice to go off the beat and path. Today, we’ll be talking about RE Amemiya’s Gizmobies Cover for the iPhone 3G.

This limited edition phone cover features RE Amemiya’s dragon and rotor design which have also been seen on other merchandise of theirs, their clothing line in particular. Since this is a limited edition and all, you won’t paying the standard $10-$30. Instead you can expect a charge of $64.00 USD.

So is it worth it? Well that rests with you but one thing is for sure, ordering a phone cover like this will catch the attention of any smart-phone fan!

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New AEM Goodies At DSG Performance!

Hate always trying to access your vehicles data on the move? Well how about accessing it from an iPhone, Storm2 or Droid? Yeah, that’s better. With AEM’s new X-WiFi Band Engine Data Monitoring system, you can check out anything you need to know about your car, from the mobile comfort of your smartphone!

We’ve got two of these AEM WiFi modules for you, feel free to check them both out!



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Control Your RX8 From Your iPhone!

A few years ago when I first bought my RX8 and I got that thin card like remote, I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be cool if I could control the car from my cell phone! Well I should have acted on that vision because someone else apparently has. You can start or stop the car, get engine parameters or even lock or unlock it all from your iPod, iTouch or iphone! I have all those things!

Here’s a demonstration of how to do it. Enjoy!

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