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Next Generation WRX To Have HP Boost?

Subaru has got a lot on their hands these days, with the release of their first sports coupe the BRZ as well as fans rallying to find out the juicy details of their next STi and WRX.

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Next-gen GT-R Details

The GT-R news seems to be piling up this year. First we hear about the changes for 2012 and before you know, 2013 details come rolling in! Get ready ladies and gents because there is a whole bunch of changes coming for the big 13.

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MTM R8 GT3-2

MTM has taken the V8 R8 under its wing and made some interesting changes to the daily driver supercar. On the outside, the German tuner has started with an adjustable suspension kit to improve the drive dynamics as well as a full body kit for some wicked airflow. The kit features a carbon fibre front spoiler, side skirt and rear wing. Continue reading

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Video: Twin Turbo Ferrari 430 Spider By Underground Racing

Yesterday, tuner Underground Racing (you probably know them by their 1000hp Gallardo) unveiled their twin turbo 1000hp Ferrari 430 Spider. With it’s high horsepower, twin turbos and improved exhaust system, we would love to see this bad pony in a race with Underground’s Italian bull! Continue reading

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Subaru Releases the Impreza STI R205

Wish your STi had just a little more kick? Do you live in North America? Well we haven’t got the car for you! Yesterday, the much anticipated Subaru STi R205 was officially available in dealerships in Japan and Japan only. The lucky customer who spent about $49,000 to own one of these will be looking at a myriad of improvements.

Let’s start with brakes. They’ve been upgraded to a front six piston and rear four piston kit with slotted rotors. The wheels will still be 18 inches but wrapped snuggly in specially designed Potenza RE070 (245/40R18) tires. When we take a look at suspension, we see inverted strut and coil springs in the front and some STi tuned coils and dampers in the rear. You’ll also have the help of a front strut tower bar and lower arm stiffening brace to keep that beast gripped tightly on the road.

One thing everyone will be very happy about is that the R205 includes a completely re-tuned ECU and meaner turbo and exhaust system.

Out with the gray, in with the black when it comes to the bespoke front grill. Other improvements include a black spoiler and a front and rear diffuser.

For the people who thought that the 36k for the original STi was too much, the now 49k price tag for the R205 will not help it’s case much but perhaps the now 316hp and 319lb-ft of torque engine may help.

Convinced? Living in Japan? Well then you’re the perfect candidate! All you need to do now is speed over to a Scooby dealership before the limited 400 units are sold!

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Don’t Forget About Our Sun Automobile USA Line-up!

As some of you know. We at DSG Performance have always taken a stand on getting the most cutting edge parts for our line up. Sun Auto would fall into that category. With the ability to collectively raise horsepower and MPG and reduce emissions, these affordable parts should be on the top of anyone’s Christmas list!

Follow the LINK for more details and pricing!

You can also check out our Eco Friendly Power thread out on EvoXForums.

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This Week’s Featured Product: HKS GT Supercharger

This week, we’ve got another HKS product for all of you Nissan 350Z owners in our featured product section and of course, on sale.

Here’s a little preview of what the Japanese tuner has in store for us:


PROBLEM: Today’s performance cars simply don’t have the underhood room for the bulky supercharger systems of old. SOLUTION: The compact-design HKS GT Supercharger kit. The patented Traction Drive design delivers a 9.44:1 output ratio. Not only is our new Torque Response Traction Drive system more efficient, it also eliminates the “constant noise” associated with gear-driven superchargers. Initially, GT Supercharger kits are available for the Nissan 350Z, Infiniti G35 Coupe and FX35, with more to be offered soon. On the 350Z, the kit produces 18 percent horsepower gain and 23 percent more torque—an increase of some 50 horses and 60 foot-pounds of torque. Bear in mind that while some superchargers might claim more power, only HKS GT Supercharger kits provide the best balance of performance, fuel economy and emissions compliance**, not to mention our undisputed reputation for unequaled reliability. GT Supercharger kits designed for street use include all components for bolt-on installation*: GT Supercharger with self-contained Traction Oil system and Oil Cooler, front-mount Intercooler, vehicle-specific F-Con engine management-fuel system and Super Mega Flow Intake.

For more information just go to our Tuner Shop!

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2011 BMW M3 GTS


Alright, we’ve got some fantastic news for you today. BMW has officially announced the M3 GTS track ready model. As you can see by the image, this car is just beast like. I think most can agree that the regular M3 is already an achievement in all areas of automotive performance and styling but the GTS takes all those attributes up to a new level.

So let’s get to the goodies shall we. First up, weight. This probably one of the major benefits. The GTS has shed 190kg of body fat which brings its weight down to 1490kg. It was basically able to achieve this by putting in some lighter seats and getting rid of all those non nessecary option like insulation, air conditioning, radio. The only 2 things that have actually been added to this car is a roll cage and fire extinguisher. You know, just in case you go so fast, you catch on fire!

On to the numbers! The GTS has also increased the M3’s V8 engine output to 450hp and that’s naturally aspirated!  Last but not least, when you pull the switch and open that hood, you’ll now be staring at a 4.4L engine instead of the standard 4L. Come on, pull your jaw back up now.

When it comes to the exterior the changes are quite noticeable. You are probably drooling over the black 19’s, the new front spoiler or the black simple wing in the back. Which ever one is one your mind, we agree. They’re all brilliant.

Final order of business of course is the price tag. Let’s talk turkey. If you want this wolf in wolf’s clothing, you’ll have to shell out around $185,000CAD to have it waiting for you in your garage.

All things considered, the price could be worse!

And the promo:

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The Hyundai/Greddy Team and Their Genesis Coupe


Speaking of the GT-R and it’s massive tuning potential spiking the interest of tuners everywhere, there is another car which is beginning to catch the eye of all those enthusiasts, the largely known performance parts producer; Greddy in particular. Yes, Hyundai and Greddy have teamed up to release their take on the new Genesis Coupe.

When it comes to the numbers, this take will have about 350hp and 320lb-ft of torque. Other modifications by the Japanese tuner will include front an rear spoiler and a carbon fiber hood. Along with those extravagant graphics put on by Greddy to represent their partnership with Hyundai, that makes for one aggressive and brilliant looking Genesis. Another few additions that will be helping the car get to it maximum output would be a fully adjustable coilover suspension, some kick ass Volk Racing G2’s and some Sparco seats. 

So the remaining question is, does that do it for you? Does that improved power give you the adrenaline boost you’re hoping for? Well if not, don’t lose interest just yet because after the SEMA show where this car will be shown, Greddy plans on doing further modifications to bring this Japanese brawler to 500hp! 

Most of you are probably wondering if Greddy will be selling the components used here. That answer would be yes!

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Switzer’s Nissan GT-R


So remember when I said that pretty much every tuner has been trying to get their hands on a Nissan GT-R to help it reach its full potential? Well even after all this time nothing has changed. Switzer has now acquired a GTR and have decided to show us what they have created and it does not disappoint! 

Switzer has made a mean masterpiece out of the already aggressive Japanese supercar. This renowned tuner has taken the 3.8L 485hp engine and transformed it into a raging beast able to harvest 700hp. Okay, readjust your dropped jaw, I’m not done yet. Switzer has also enabled the GT-R to sprint to the 100km/h mark in an impressive 2.9 seconds with a top speed of 300km/h! 

Can I take it for a spin please? Come on around the block! 

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