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HKS Active Torque Split Controller For R35 GT-R

Another one of the products to come out of HKS lately is the Active Torque Split Controller for the Nissan GT-R. This baby has 4 different levels of front torque adjustment. Each level giving you some more front torque, and less oversteer. Now, oversteer usually happens when your pushing it with a lack of front torque. That’s what the ATSC changes. It optimizes the torque you have to work with to give you a more stable and precise drive.

Another great feature about this goodie is that it is totally plug and play, giving you the power to connect and disconnect from the E-TS under the seat at will. Passing the 50km/h mark without your foot hitting the break is when the ATSC goes in to action giving you the control you want.

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DSG Hits The Honda CR-Z Market

We here at DSG have got some great news for you. We have gone back and forth for the past few months, deciding on what the next car we carry would be. All kinds of options came up but in the end we decided to go with Honda latest hybrid hatch. That’s right, we’re coming to the CR-Z market! Expect the same dedication to customer satisfaction and expertise along with the same obsession to bring you the most bad ass parts on the market.

We’re so excited to embrace this little hybrid that we’ve already begun cataloguing some of the top parts for this car on our Tuner Shop page which are currently available and on sale! Head over there now and check it out and be sure to stay tuned because we’ve got lots more on the way in the coming days.

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Best Seller of the Week: HKS Hi Power Exhaust for Your Evo X

So here we are once again for another edition of our Best Seller of the Week series. Here is where you can come and see what our customers have been gaga over which can help you make a decision for your own car. We all know how hard it is to choose that perfect goodie. The winner of this week’s edition is the HKS Hi Power Exhaust for the Mitsubishi Evo X. The point of this particular exhaust is as the name implies power. How do you get the most out of your exhaust system?

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Best Seller of the Week: HKS GT II 7460 Ball Bearing Turbo for Evo X

The item taking the gold for our latest best seller of the week is the HKS GTII 7460 Ball Bearing Turbo for your Mitsubishi Evolution X. This one isn’t exactly a surprise considering how awesome it is. This baby is a  true bolt-on upgrade thanks to the GTII Turbo special cast turbine and compressor housings and the utilization of the OEM exhaust manifold.

The twin scroll, reverse rotation turbocharger includes the same features as the Sport Turbo upgrade kit for the EVO 4-9, but is a standard rotation turbocharger.

Still curious? Check out a review of the GTII 7460 Ball Bearing Turbo on EvoXForums here!

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ARK Performance Hyundai Genesis

Our good friends over at ARK Performance have been busy this year. They recently created a tuning program for the Hyundai Genesis which you can expect to be unveiled at the SEMA Show this year. The focus on this3.8L V6 Gen Coupe is all geared for the Time Attack and will feature all kinds of exciting ARK goodies. The package includes performance and styling upgrades.

ARK Performance decided to bring in some other top talent to get the job done. The who’s who list features Mahle, Brian Crower, HKS, AEM, Koyo, Tial and Endless to name a few.

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Best Seller Of The Week: HKS Fuel Rail Upgrade Kit

Looking for a Fuel Rail upgrade for you Evo X  but you’re unsure of which to get? DSG to the rescue! See what the tuners are buying with the latest Best Seller Of The Week! The HKS Fuel Upgrade kit made the cut for this week’s edition.

Getting optimum fuel delivery is an absolute must when taking your car to a high performance and high boost level. That’s where the japanese tuner’s kit comes in. The HKS fuel rail is a direct bolt-on replacement of your factory fuel rail, and allows for larger top-feed injectors to be added. Aluminum is the material of choice on the kit and anodized purple is what makes it pop!

For more information on the HKS Fuel Rail Upgrade kit, click here. This item is currently on sale!

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Goodie Of The Day: HKS Oil Filter For Mitsubishi Evolution X

Our Goodie Of The Day series consists of us here at DSG talking about some of the best parts out there but that doesn’t mean they all have to put a big dent in your wallet. Take the HKS Oil Filter for the Evo X. At under $20, it’s very affordable and packs quite a punch.

This particular filter reserves the ability to improves oil pressure drop and flow properties by approximately 30% compared to current aftermarket sports oil filters. The Japanese tuner worked out some of the kinks generally found in filters and have come out with a superior product that guarantees to provide the proper oil flow that your high performance engine demands. 

For more information on today’s goodie, click here.

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The long awaited HKS GT II 7460 Ball Bearing Turbo – Brought to you first by DSG Performance

Always making sure we get you the best, we’ve been on HKS’s a** since the original press release on this baby was put out to ensure that we were able to get them out to you on the double! Good news: We have them available.

The official North America press release hasn’t been sent out yet, so more info and pics to follow as soon as it does. In the meantime we’ve got Google translate to help us out.

  • Bolt on Sports Turbine Kit For The Lancer Evolution X
  • HKS ball bearing turbo is a turbine ASSY all of original design.
  • Between and genuine 430ps turbo turbine and a full set at the maximum output has finished tuning engine engine turbo kit offers a wide range of normal by adjusting the supercharging pressure.
  • I minimize the degradation in boost response to work out the amount of ball bearings used in things like increasing the size of the exhaust wheel, WORKS WITH SST Transmission.
  • Adopted a twin scroll, and reduce the burden of increased pressure in the engine exhaust at high rpm it to expand in size than the pure bypass port.
  • Turbine wheel, turbine housing has greatly improved durability and reliability that it uses heat-resistant steel.
  • Actuators, and components needed to be purchased separately Oiruautorettopaipu is shipped complete.
  • Can also be used with stock and HKS parts etc.
  • How To Order: Create a customer account at the top of our website here. We will then create your custom invoice, at which point you can purchase the item by logging into your customer account and pressing the BUY NOW button next to your appropriate order. Please place your EvoXForum tag name in place of Company when registering.

    If you’d prefer to pay directly through PayPal. You may send your payment to info@dsgperformance.com and write Your EvoX Tag name and the name of the unit you are purchasing in the comment box. We still ask that you create a customer account on our website so we have your shipping & billing information available and for proper invoicing.
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    Pre SEMA – Wraptivo Honda CR-Z Type-F

    Ever heard of Meguiar’s Wraptivo? The concept is pretty brilliant, here’s how it works. For less than $2000 you can have an expert install a special vinyl wrap designed by you! To help show the world the wonders of a good vinyl wrap, Maguiar has chosen to take the Honda CR-Z under his wing to present at the upcoming SEMA show. With the help of tuner RJ De Vera and rendering artist Jon Sibal, he plans on giving this CR-Z more than just some killer vinyl.

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    The TGIF Video Party!

    Welcome once again to yet another edition of The TGIF Video Party! We’ve got a new slew of awesome videos for you to kick back relax to. Check out these five videos and start your weekend with a bang!

    Click here to go to the party…

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