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What? No way! Free shipping?

That’s right, you read correctly! We are now proud to offer FREE Ground Shipping on select items over 100$. Oversized and freight items do not apply. This offer applies to the lower 48 United States only.  Being a Canadian based company, in order to provide the fastest possible shipping times all applicable orders will be drop shipped direct from one of our US based suppliers, based off of their proximity to you.  We here at DSG Performance are always trying to help so for our international, Canadian, local or special arrangement required orders, please contact us and it would be our pleasure to deduct the free shipping difference from your shipping total.

At this time we are currently in the process of integrating our automated Free Shipping checkout system, in the meantime please contact us for further information.

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DSG Performance Lands On IWSTI!


Big news! We at DSG Performance have just become an official vendor on the IWSTI Forum.  We have been fans of the Subie world since we started all this and today is the day that we have officially joined an STi community that we hear nothing but good things about. We’re very excited to meet fellow fans and to expand our company into the STi sector of the performance world. As always, our promise to get any performance part into our customer’s hand at the price they are looking for applies!

To all the current and future members of IWSTi, we look forward to hearing from you!

Remember to follow us on NAGTROC, EvoXForums, IWSTI, Twitter, FaceBook,  and of course DSGPerformance.com

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The Official Password JDM Product Interest Thread on EvoXForums


We here at DSG|Performance added Password:JDM’s wonderfully beautiful lineup for the Nissan R35 GTR to our catalog earlier this year. Whilst that was under way, I had a conversation with my rep about the custom parts they have for the Lambourghini Gallardo (drool). These parts are ridiculous! It boggles my mind looking at them.
Back to now, during our conversation we spoke about making some parts for our favourite car here on the evoxforums, the Evo X. I got back in touch with him today and now I’m here to find out what you guys may want! This is an open thread, you can post pictures, vids, ideas …pose questions. Whatever! If there is enough interest we will forward the information over to them and see what we can come up with!

Here are a few pics from their GTR, Gallardo and Si lineups to give you an idea of what is possible.

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Syn What? Synchronic GROUP BUY Almost Filled Up!


That’s right people we’ve got 9 takers on our list with just one more addition to go! This is such a great deal and just in case you haven’t heard we are now including free shipping to your door!

Jump on this deal now guys it won’t last forever. We’ve negotiate it a one time only price with Synapse and aside from this being one of the better BOV’s out there for the Evo X, it one hell of a deal too!

I would say if you’re interested but let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be! Visit EVOXFORUMS and contact us through there or at info@dsgperformance.com or you can just go directly to our Contact Center and leave your message there. You’ll be able to see all the information you need about the BOV when you follow the forum link, including pictures and video. See you there!

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Syn What? Synchronic GROUP BUY!


That’s right ladies and gentlemen. For the first time DSG Performance has set up an amazing group buy for the Synapse Engineering Synchronic Blow Off Valve for the Mitsubishi Evolution X. This is a one time deal and you have got to take advantage while it’s still hot!

The Synapse Engineering BOV Kit for the Mitsubishi Evo X GROUP BUY:

Due to the vast amount of interest I have received since posting the Synapse Engineering Synchronic BOV thread, I contacted Synapse directly and have been authorized to set up a group buy to provide the EVO X kit for a One-Time-Only special price.

A minimum of 10 confirmed orders is required to receive the benefits of this special.

MSRP: 284.99

One-Time-Only Group Buy Special Price Of: 244.99$
For anything under 10 orders, anyone who is signed up till that point will receive the kit for 269.99$ After that, all sales will revert back to regular pricing.

Here’s where to go! EvoXForums. Here we have all the information you need before making your decision including a company about, summary of the part, benefits, picture, video and more!

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Noah’s ARK – Design on Evoxforums, Compliments of DSG Performance!

ARK Design

I’m sure by now many of you have heard of the relatively new company ARK Design. They have hit the market hard with 3 cutting edge electronics systems, a full Aero Kit, a clutch kit with optional lightweight flywheel and are neck deep in R&D for more upcoming parts. I present to you the ARK Design MFD (Multi Function Dash), Advanced Boost Controller, Rev Shift Timer and the G700 Twin Plate Clutch Kit!

Be sure to check out our post about ARK on Evoxforums where we give you all the information you need to know on all of these products including benefits, ‘from the company’ explanations and detailed pictures!

Also if you’re a member on evoxforums.com feel free to post comments!

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