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EvoXForum Member Hollywood X’s Evo X Build

I’ve got to say it’s awesome when we see someone who is on EvoXForums with us  do something awesome with his Evo. I mean right off the bat, it is one of the sexiest Evos I have ever seen. (I’m a pretty big stealth look fan though) It also certainly helps when you hear that this particular Evo boasts 550hp at the wheels.

Other goodies include ERL-built 2.3-liter stroker engine, Cosworth head and cams, Deatschwerks 1300cc injectors, custom dual fuel pump setup, FPBlack turbocharger, huge FMIC and it is AccessPort tuned as well. With the help of COBB’s head tuner Tim Bailey, we get to watch a 550whp strong Evo on the dyno!

So without further ado, here is a video of Hollywood X and his Evo X.  

Click here to check out the video…

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