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Update! Dual A Pillar Gauge Pods By DSG Performance – New Images!

If you follow our developments, you’ve surely heard that we here a DSG at producing our very own homemade Pillar Gauge Pod for the Evo X. We’ve been releasing whatever information we can for the past week or so and figured it was time for a couple more teaser images.

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2011 SEMA Show Recap Spotlight: ARK Performance Hyundai Veloster

If you follow us on Twitter, Facebook or on our blog Perspective On Performance, you know by now that DSG has been lucky enough to sponsor ARK Performance’s project Hyundai Veloster which made its debut at the SEMA Show just one week ago. We’ve been talking about it all month because we’ve been so excited for our very first sponsorship and when we’re excited, we can’t help but share it with you!

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SEMA 2011 Recap – DSG Style

Well, that was on hell of a week! As most of you know. Last week, DSG packed up and headed to Sin City for the 2011 SEMA Show and we are happy to report that it was even more spectacular than last year. All week last week, we uploaded photos to Facebook and Tweeted endlessly but now we’re home and as always, it’s time for a SEMA Show recap! So buckle your seatbelts ladies and gents, we’ve got a lot to tell you!

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Just Added: DBA Brake Rotors for STi and Evo X

We never let to much time pass by here at DSG until we add another fantastic brand to our catalog. Our goal is o have as many quality brands on our website as possible and the latest addition is Disc Brakes Australia for your Evo X and STi.

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Being A Part Of Hyundai History

It’s not every day that you get asked to be a part of something special, but when those moments come I believe it’s important that you shine.

Long time friend of ours, Alex Han over at ARK Performance (A company that needs little introduction, especially if you own a Hyunday Genesis or are looking for one of the best Single Exit Exhaust Systems out there for your Evo X) always seems to be up to something cool, which is what I think makes our companies such a great match for partnering up on marketing and selling their products – Because here at DSG, so are we. A leading brand within their industry, ARK has shown what quality really means when it comes to their exhaust systems, aero and other parts. Everything they touch turns to performance gold, and as you know that’s the only kind of product we’ll touch here at DSG. In 2010, Hyundai Motors America entrusted ARK to build and show the world what the Genesis 2.0T can really do, and wow did they deliver. We are talking about one of the hands down baddest ass Gen Coupes out there, and they are at it again.

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DSG Whenever. Wherever.

In need of some DSG on the move? Well, did you know you can access us from your smartphone or tablet? That’s right, no matter where you are, you can checkĀ out our blog or even browse and order parts staight from your mobile

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The TGIF Video Party!

Hello and welcome back to another edition of the TGIF Video Party! It’s been one hell of a busy week for us here at DSG. We just hosted and closed another group buy, (and shhh but there’s another one coming very soon) and have been adding more and more rare brands to our catalogue like clockwork. Although today is Friday which means we gather round and check out these five awesome videos!

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Password:JDM Crazy for Carbon Summer Mega Sale!

Looks like we’ve gone crazy for Carbon!

Introducing the Password:JDM Carbon&Kevlar Summer MEGA Sale! 10% off the full Carbon Lineup & 12% off on all Carbon Kevlar from PW:JDM @ DSG Performance.com!

This sale is for 2 weeks only, so get them while they’re hot! Sale ends 07/21/2011.

Head over to EvoXForums or our Tuner Shop page (look for Mega Sale in the titles) to order!

Due to the high demand of these parts, in the case where stock get sold out you will still be eligible to order at the reduced sales price. We here at DSG Performance will honor ALL sales throughout the 2 week sales period.

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Just Added: Torque Solution for Evo X and STi

It’s product madness here at DSG this month. We’ve got yet another exceptional brand for you to put on your wish list. In the market for some high end after market accessories? There’s a good chance Torque Solution can come to your rescue. They’re stuff looks great and have perfect fitment. So head over to our Tuner Shop catalogue to check out the line for your Evo X or Subaru STi.

Click here to check out Torque Solution at DSG!

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Just Added: Forge Motorsport

First post of the week. Well, we’d like to start by wishing everyone a very happy 4th of July! So head on down to the park get wasted and check out those fireworks! We recently did the same last week when we celebrated Canada day. Since then, we’ve been hard at work here at DSG adding more and more of you’re favorite parts to our Tuner Shop catalogue. The latest addition is items
from Forge Motorsport for the Evo X.

As most of Forge is known for their expertise and quality goodies. So today, we bring you some of
their best parts for your beloved Evo.

Head over to our Tuner Shop page, have a browse and as always, contact us with any questions.

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