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Race Ramps™ @ DSG Performance.com! Catering to the DIY and Weekend Warriors Near You!

No lift? No problem! We get that a lot of our customers like to work on their own cars, and so do we. Nothing is more exciting than standing back after a few hours of hard work and feeling that sense of accomplishment. With Race Ramps you get to lift your car either 8 or 10″ off the ground SAFELY when using a combination of parts listed below. No matter what you’re doing, if you’re doing it yourself these are going to help.

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DSG Presents…The Chistmafy Your Car Photo Contest!

Alright boys and girls, the holidays are around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited. This year has been real good to us here at DSG and we have a lot of new and exciting things coming your way for 2012 including our long awaiting Evo X A-Pillars. So, we just want to say a little thanks and give back with our first annual DSG Performance Christmafy Your Ride Facebook contest!

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Update! Dual A Pillar Gauge Pods By DSG Performance – New Images!

If you follow our developments, you’ve surely heard that we here a DSG at producing our very own homemade Pillar Gauge Pod for the Evo X. We’ve been releasing whatever information we can for the past week or so and figured it was time for a couple more teaser images.

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Dual A Pillar Gauge Pods By DSG Performance – Yes, You’re Reading Correctly.

We’ve been keeping pretty tight lipped about what we’ve been up to over here at DSG Performance, though a few of you have had a bit of an idea with our “DSG Needs A Pillar Thread” on EvoXForums, lol. Given how absolutely necessary these are to the Evo X community, we didn’t want to post anything up until we were getting closer to production mode and were certain that everything was good to go. Something that we will never do here at DSG is sacrifice quality for time or money. If we are going to be manufacturing something, it has got to be damn well better than amazing. If I can say so myself, they look damn good.

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2011 SEMA Show Recap Spotlight: ARK Performance Hyundai Veloster

If you follow us on Twitter, Facebook or on our blog Perspective On Performance, you know by now that DSG has been lucky enough to sponsor ARK Performance’s project Hyundai Veloster which made its debut at the SEMA Show just one week ago. We’ve been talking about it all month because we’ve been so excited for our very first sponsorship and when we’re excited, we can’t help but share it with you!

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Sneak Peak at ARK Performance’s Hyundai Veloster

As you may have read a few weeks back, we here at DSG Performance are proud to be one of ARK Performance’s sponsors for their Hyundai Veloster. Well we’ve got some good news for you today. First, the first sneak peak photo of this beastly Veloster has been released as you can see above. Second, it looks unbelievable.

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Pre SEMA Sale!

It’s our second year attending SEMA and from what we can see, this year’s going to be a big one! DSG is packing up and heading to Vegas for 1 week to see what cool, new and innovative products we can bring you guys for the new upcoming year. Not to mention all the partying!

From the ARK Veloster we have sponsored to the Vorsteiner private party, we will be “working” are asses off just for you!

In honor of this epic week of insane cars and whole new levels of performance, we bring you the DSG Performance Pre SEMA Sale, so come and get it!

*Sales prices are NOT subject to stock! What does this mean for you? If we sell out of a particular item, we’ve got you covered and will honor our pricing regardless!*

Pricing on most of these is too low to post, so hit me up via PM! Not sure what you’re looking for or looking for a deal on a brand that isn’t listed? I can help you find it

This sale expires the 30th of October, get em while they’re hot!

Click here to head to the sale!

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Being A Part Of Hyundai History

It’s not every day that you get asked to be a part of something special, but when those moments come I believe it’s important that you shine.

Long time friend of ours, Alex Han over at ARK Performance (A company that needs little introduction, especially if you own a Hyunday Genesis or are looking for one of the best Single Exit Exhaust Systems out there for your Evo X) always seems to be up to something cool, which is what I think makes our companies such a great match for partnering up on marketing and selling their products – Because here at DSG, so are we. A leading brand within their industry, ARK has shown what quality really means when it comes to their exhaust systems, aero and other parts. Everything they touch turns to performance gold, and as you know that’s the only kind of product we’ll touch here at DSG. In 2010, Hyundai Motors America entrusted ARK to build and show the world what the Genesis 2.0T can really do, and wow did they deliver. We are talking about one of the hands down baddest ass Gen Coupes out there, and they are at it again.

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DSG Whenever. Wherever.

In need of some DSG on the move? Well, did you know you can access us from your smartphone or tablet? That’s right, no matter where you are, you can check out our blog or even browse and order parts staight from your mobile

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Password:JDM Crazy for Carbon Summer Mega Sale!

Looks like we’ve gone crazy for Carbon!

Introducing the Password:JDM Carbon&Kevlar Summer MEGA Sale! 10% off the full Carbon Lineup & 12% off on all Carbon Kevlar from PW:JDM @ DSG Performance.com!

This sale is for 2 weeks only, so get them while they’re hot! Sale ends 07/21/2011.

Head over to EvoXForums or our Tuner Shop page (look for Mega Sale in the titles) to order!

Due to the high demand of these parts, in the case where stock get sold out you will still be eligible to order at the reduced sales price. We here at DSG Performance will honor ALL sales throughout the 2 week sales period.

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