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Black Friday @ DSG – COBB, BLITZ, PW JDM, ETS & MISHIMOTO! Eat up boys!

It’s here, Black Friday – one of the ultimate sales days of the year and we’re bringing it to you hard. Listed below are some of our major specials, if you want something shoot me over a PM and I’ll hook you up! We’re working throughout the holiday, so enjoy yourselves, eat up …drink up and hit us up

*NOTE: FREE SHIPPING Applies ONLY to the lower 48 United States – Canadian and International customers may be subject to additional shipping costs, but we’ll help you out!

Click here to head over to the sale!

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Recently Released: COBB Tuning Big SF Intake for GT-R

We’re back again to report another recently released item! You guys are going to love this one. It’s from none other than COBB Tuning, their Big SF Intake for your GT-R! The 3-inch intake ID is designed to make way for future high power builds. Until you get there, the intake will work with a stock GT-R without a problem. An added bonus is the breezy install.

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Pre SEMA Sale!

It’s our second year attending SEMA and from what we can see, this year’s going to be a big one! DSG is packing up and heading to Vegas for 1 week to see what cool, new and innovative products we can bring you guys for the new upcoming year. Not to mention all the partying!

From the ARK Veloster we have sponsored to the Vorsteiner private party, we will be “working” are asses off just for you!

In honor of this epic week of insane cars and whole new levels of performance, we bring you the DSG Performance Pre SEMA Sale, so come and get it!

*Sales prices are NOT subject to stock! What does this mean for you? If we sell out of a particular item, we’ve got you covered and will honor our pricing regardless!*

Pricing on most of these is too low to post, so hit me up via PM! Not sure what you’re looking for or looking for a deal on a brand that isn’t listed? I can help you find it

This sale expires the 30th of October, get em while they’re hot!

Click here to head to the sale!

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Recently Released: COBB Tuning Double Adjustable Short Throw Shifter for Subarus

About 2 weeks ago, COBB Tuning released their Double Adjustable Short Shifter for Subaru 5-speed and 6-speed cars. Now, this is actually a return since the tuner used to offer these a while back. The shifters are made from lightweight aluminum and anodized steel.

The obvious benefits are improving shifting feel as well as more precise shifting but COBB’s shifters go further than the regular benefits. These babies are double adjustable for throw and height. As anyone who’s owned an aftermarket short shifter knows, a possible issue you may encounter is longer reach. The great thing about this particular shifter is that you can shorten the throw while maintaining your shift level and stock height. This results in a quicker shift since you’ve eliminated that unnecessary extra reach.

So, if you’ve been looking for a solution to this particular issue with your suby, COBB has your answer!

Click HERE for more information or to order.

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EvoXForum Member Hollywood X’s Evo X Build

I’ve got to say it’s awesome when we see someone who is on EvoXForums with us  do something awesome with his Evo. I mean right off the bat, it is one of the sexiest Evos I have ever seen. (I’m a pretty big stealth look fan though) It also certainly helps when you hear that this particular Evo boasts 550hp at the wheels.

Other goodies include ERL-built 2.3-liter stroker engine, Cosworth head and cams, Deatschwerks 1300cc injectors, custom dual fuel pump setup, FPBlack turbocharger, huge FMIC and it is AccessPort tuned as well. With the help of COBB’s head tuner Tim Bailey, we get to watch a 550whp strong Evo on the dyno!

So without further ado, here is a video of Hollywood X and his Evo X.  

Click here to check out the video…

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COBB Tuning Releases Improved and Expanded Launch Control and Flat Foot Shift for Subaru AccessPORT

COBB has recently released their launch control and flat foot shift for all Subaru turbocharged manual cars. The way COBB explans it is the launch control limits the engine’s RPM to a user-set value when launching to build boost and increase launch consistencys. The flat foot shift allows the driver to maintain wide-open-throttle during gear changes, keeping partial boost between shifts and improving acceleration post-shift.

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COBB Tuning & David Shirley AKA Tephra Join Forces for Evo X

Today, COBB Tuning announced some very exciting news. It looks like they and David Sherley, also known as Tephra on the forums are joining forces to improve on the Evo X AccessPort and AccessTUNER engine management features and functionality. Evo X AP users get excited because soon enough, you’ll be experiencing all kinds of new features including alternate map support, CEL flash on engine knock and various other tune easing patches.

Tephra is also going to be working on ROM discovery and patching work to help make the AccessPort into an even better machine.

So that is pretty much all the information we have to share with you now but stay tuned for more announcements as time goes on. Exciting stuff!

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Recently Released: COBB Tuning SS Catless Downpipe Kit for GT-R

Yet another part has hit the market. Now, as you faithful readers know, we here at DSG only cover and only carry the best. This brings us to the release, COBB Tuning’s Catless Downpipe for your GT-R. These stainless steel downpipes promote more efficient flow, better turbo spool improved transient response.

For more information or to order a kit click here.

*Do keep in mind that this kit won’t bolt on to the stock exhaust. To check out our selection of aftermarket exhaust, head over to our Tuner Shop and filter the GT-R and Catbacks!

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New Release: COBB Introduces SF Intake For Your Subaru STi 08-11′

COBB Tuning, creaters of the infamous AccessPort have recently released their SF Intake for the Subaru STi, WRX and Impreza. The intake is a very important piece of the car puzzle, there’s no two ways about it, the SF is bred for sensor consistency and long term reliability. It’s also a breeze to install and is a plug and play item with its downloadable AccessPort Calibrations. If you put the intake together with the Air Box, it basically functions as an air intake without the fuss of water and contaminant exposure.

There you have it, another great part to come out of COBB. For more information, feel free to contact us. You can also read the official press release below.

Click here for the official press release…

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COBB Tuning Releases Updates Subaru AccessTUNER Pro

Good news to all of you Access Port owners out there. COBB has done a big software update for its AccessTuner Pro for all turbocharged Subies. Some big features include a lot more data monitors and some great improvements to monitor and table naming. Now with this new update, you’ve got infinite access to your ECU a lot quicker than before thanks to the real time writing updates wherever you are.

Click here for the full post…

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