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DSG Presents…The Chistmafy Your Car Photo Contest!

Alright boys and girls, the holidays are around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited. This year has been real good to us here at DSG and we have a lot of new and exciting things coming your way for 2012 including our long awaiting Evo X A-Pillars. So, we just want to say a little thanks and give back with our first annual DSG Performance Christmafy Your Ride Facebook contest!

Click here for details on how to enter!

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Don’t Forget About Our Sun Automobile USA Line-up!

As some of you know. We at DSG Performance have always taken a stand on getting the most cutting edge parts for our line up. Sun Auto would fall into that category. With the ability to collectively raise horsepower and MPG and reduce emissions, these affordable parts should be on the top of anyone’s Christmas list!

Follow the LINK for more details and pricing!

You can also check out our Eco Friendly Power thread out on EvoXForums.

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ARK Design G700 Twin Plate Clutch Kit Blowout!

This sale is good for the month of December. An early Merry Christmas!

You’re probably thinking, wait I’ve seen this sale before on a DSG Performance thread. Well not with these prices you haven’t! We now give you the limited time ARK Design G700 Twin Plate Clutch Kit Sale!

G700 Twin Plate Clutch kit:

The G700 clutch from Ark Design is a multi-plate unit engineered to handle high power transfer to the drivetrain while maintaining everyday drivability. To prevent slippage that can occur with increased power and torque, multiple clutch plates are utilized to increase friction area for greater power transfer. Each disc has the clutch material chemically bonded so there is no need for rivets to secure the material. By chemically bonding the clutch material the surface area for grabbing is maximized along with longevity of the disc. Also to make sure the entire clutch assembly is able to handle high levels of power and torque the pressure plate is a free floating design devoid of any straps or tabs that may fail under high stress. Included with every G700 clutch is a specially developed release bearing which reduces clutch pedal pressure for ease of engagement.


  • Greater friction area due to multiple clutch plates.
  • Chemically bonded material
  • Free floating pressure plate
  • Specially developed release bearing for ease of engagement on the street
Email us at info@dsgperformance.com for pricing and a shipping quote or just click HERE!
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