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Report: Toyota FT-86 Production Model Revealed!

Just a few days ago we spoke about how curious we were about what the FT-86 would look like once it hits production. Well, today is the day we find out! The now called GT 86 has been one of the most buzzed about cars for the past two years so we are pumped about this one.

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Just Added: M Sport for Evo X

It’s been a busy few month for us. As you can see by all the Just Added posts, we’ve been busier than ever adding new unique brands to our catalog. The latest of which has been M Sport, these guys, like most of the other companies listed in our line up make exceptional body parts for your Evo X.

So to sum up, if you’re looking to have one of the most bad-ass looking Evos on the block, M Sport aero pieces would be one hell of a start!

Click HERE for more information or to order!

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Next-gen GT-R Details

The GT-R news seems to be piling up this year. First we hear about the changes for 2012 and before you know, 2013 details come rolling in! Get ready ladies and gents because there is a whole bunch of changes coming for the big 13.

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Experimenting with Making Carbon Fiber Cheaper

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about people attempting to make carbon fiber more cost effective. BMW is also attempting to do the same with their new factory but this is still very interesting nonetheless. Since we modders are so dependant on materials like carbon fiber to make our rides lighter and faster, it’s always great to see people like the Oak Ridge National Lab attempting to make this wonder component cheaper.

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Lamborghini Carbon Fiber Bags.. I Want.

So, I’m online looking for a carry on sized bag for traveling and I stumble onto Lamborghini’s new Carbon Fiber bag line. It’s no surprise of course that they look sleek and sexy. I mean imagine checking your bag and the flight attendant is like “oh very nice bag you have there” and you’re like “oh why thank you it’s made out of freaking carbon fiber!”

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Just Added: Agency Power 3in Carbon FIber Top Intercooler Pipe Kit

Our latest addition to our line up is the oh so sexy Agency Power Carbon Fiber IC pipe kit. We’ve got to say, this kit looks fantastic and the design is top notch and did I mention it’s carbon fiber?

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Want to Drive to The Grand Canyon? I’ll Meet You There. With a Carbon Fiber Jet Pack!

In May, Yves Rossy aka Jetman, after years of reworking has found a way to soar through the sky over the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Now this is just awesome, the guy is flying solo with the help of a state of the art carbon fiber jet pack. Don’t get me wrong I love driving but slap those wings on me any day!

Luckily aside from those great photos, we’ve also got a video which shows Rossy taking off in the helicopter, jumping off and flying  back down like a bird.

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Recently Released: GReddy Hood Lifting Kit

Serving as a little extra bling for the engine bay as well as a kick-ass alternative to the abnoxious hood stand, we’ve got the GReddy Engine Hood Lifter Kit for you. If you head to our tuner shop page, you’ll see these babies listed for your Evo X or GT-R.

Containing Carbon Fiber Dampers with ball and cop joints, all in a black finish and designed for your OEM hood, these are the perfect solution for making things easier and doing it with style!

For other applications, please contact us.

For more information or to order a set, click on the links below.

Evo X Engine Lifter Kit

GT-R Engine Lifter Kit

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Mugen Honda CR-Z RR

A few days ago, some new photos of the Mugen CR-Z RR were released. Now, since Mugen and CR-Z are both involved, it obviously caught our attention. The RR tuning kit features a host of new goodies some of which composed of that sweet carbon fiber.

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Carbon Reveolution CR-9 Full Carbon Fiber Wheel

If you attended the 2010 Dubai International Motor Show last year, you may have noticed a Shelby Ultimate Aero sitting on a set of jaw dropping full carbon fiber wheels. Those were the CR-9’s, made by Carbon Revolution.

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