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The TGIF Video Party!

You must be just getting home now. After a long day, followed by a long ride home in rush hour traffic. All you want to do at this point is just sit down and let loose. Well as always, DSG has got you covered with another edition of the TGIF Video Party! This week we’e got another 5 videos that will blow your mind!

Click here to head to the party!

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Red Bull F1 Car On The Rocks

How do you race an F1 car in Canada? Well on the ice of course! That’s just what Red Bull decided to do with their F1 car in the spirit of the Canadian Grand Prix’s return to Montreal.

Seeing how the video is about Grand Prix returning to Montreal, who better to show you it than some Montrealers!?


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2011 BMW M3 GTS


Alright, we’ve got some fantastic news for you today. BMW has officially announced the M3 GTS track ready model. As you can see by the image, this car is just beast like. I think most can agree that the regular M3 is already an achievement in all areas of automotive performance and styling but the GTS takes all those attributes up to a new level.

So let’s get to the goodies shall we. First up, weight. This probably one of the major benefits. The GTS has shed 190kg of body fat which brings its weight down to 1490kg. It was basically able to achieve this by putting in some lighter seats and getting rid of all those non nessecary option like insulation, air conditioning, radio. The only 2 things that have actually been added to this car is a roll cage and fire extinguisher. You know, just in case you go so fast, you catch on fire!

On to the numbers! The GTS has also increased the M3’s V8 engine output to 450hp and that’s naturally aspirated!  Last but not least, when you pull the switch and open that hood, you’ll now be staring at a 4.4L engine instead of the standard 4L. Come on, pull your jaw back up now.

When it comes to the exterior the changes are quite noticeable. You are probably drooling over the black 19’s, the new front spoiler or the black simple wing in the back. Which ever one is one your mind, we agree. They’re all brilliant.

Final order of business of course is the price tag. Let’s talk turkey. If you want this wolf in wolf’s clothing, you’ll have to shell out around $185,000CAD to have it waiting for you in your garage.

All things considered, the price could be worse!

And the promo:

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Another Fun Night at the Orange Julep!

STi Evo

For everyone who lives in Montreal, I’m sure you know what goes on every Thursday night at the Orange Julep. That’s right, it’s tuner night where everyone brings their pride and joys to show off to the rest of the crowd. We go their pretty much every week and we’ve got some pictures from last night!

Check them out!

The Mitsubishi Evolution X and the new Subaru STi are DSG’s project cars! Stunning aren’t they? Everyone loved the Specialty X exhaust on the Evo X!

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John Pangilinan’s Take on The Scion TC

Scion TC Main

I remember when the Scion TC first came out. They didn’t have it in Canada but I always loved that car. The look was great and the performance was supposedly up to par. I wanted it for my first car but seeing how it wasn’t in Canada, I had to settle for the Mazda 3. I always knew the TC had a lot of potential, someone just had to bring it out. John Pangilinan is the guy who did it just right in my opinion and with his reputation it’s no surprise. Scion had offered John $15,000 to put his charm on the TC for their SEMA booth. 

My Thoughts: I absolutely love it, I think Pangilinan did a really great job on the TC. The widebody kit looks spectacular. The wheels; well I probably would of chosen different wheels but thats a matter of taste as well. Also the spoiler looks great on the car, without it I think there would be something missing. What can I say I’m big fan. 

Thumbs up on this one!

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