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Nissan’s Latest Track Pack for GT-R

I’d start by talking a bit about the GT-R itself but after all the popularity this car has received, I think we’re well acquainted with it’s bio so I’ll just dive right into the good stuff. Nissan has released a new track package for our favorite Japanese supercar which should make it an even more ferocious monster on the track.

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2013 Nissan GT-R Release

The 2013 GT-R was released just yesterday and we’ve got some details for you. Most importantly, it looks like the new model will offer even more power, 20hp and 15hp more than the previous model. This bring us to a total output of  542hp and 466lb-ft of torque. Those are some big numbers!

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Subaru STi tS Sneak Peak

This has become quite the pattern with Subaru. They seem to always keep the best of their creations at the homestead. So, once again, only available in Japan, I give you the STi tS. That’s right both of those powerful powerful mantle under one name. Now, the car hasn’t actually come out yet, in fact the photo above is all she wrote for the time being.

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Vorsteiner V-RT Package for Porsche 997 Turbo

Vorsteiner’s back and they’re bringing their V-RT Package for the Porsche 997 Turbo with them! Alright, let’s delve right into this one.

The new kit includes the  Type II front bumper with redesigned air intakes which  increase the air flow to the radiator and brakes. The bumper is also outfitted with a replaceable dry carbon fiber chin spoiler. The chin spoiler can actually be replaced without a complete bumper replacement.

Other sexy features include a rear bumper with the Mark II LED fitment, the aero deck lid and spoiler.

You’ve got to lvoe the 997 Turbo. Just look at it!

More photos…

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Cosworth Subaru Impreza STI CS400: Let’s Talk Turkey

By now, I’m sure we all know about Cosworth’s upcoming limited edition Subaru STi CS400 set to go on sale next month. Well, it seems that we may know how much this sweet number will be going for ahead of schedule!  Before we share the price, let’s just go over the quick stats in case you forgot. When it comes to power, we’re looking at 395bhp and a 0-100km/h sprint in 3.7 seconds from the standard 5. To help control the monsterly power increase, Cosworth has upgrade the suspension and brakes. Continue reading

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Five Axis and Scion tC

We were very excited yesterday when we heard about Scion‘s tC getting a little makeover from tuner Five Axis. Alright, maybe it wasn’t such a small makeover. As you can see Five Axis has helped the tC define the term bad-ass!

On the exterior, the California tuner coated that 4 inch wide curvy body with Blood Shot Red paint. Suspension is taken care of with Tein coilovers along with massive brakes coming in at 14-inches in front and 13-inches in the rear. Continue reading

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2010 Matt Black Ford Focus RS500

I’ve always been quite confused about something. The Ford Focus on it’s own is a decent car but not the most blessed when it comes to it’s looks. Then the Focus RS comes along and blows our minds and now once again we are in love with the Matte Black Ford Focus RS500 edition. That smooth, sleek color is always a great way to sex-ify a car but the RS500 has got a lot more goodies than just it’s color. Continue reading

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Subaru Releases the Impreza STI R205

Wish your STi had just a little more kick? Do you live in North America? Well we haven’t got the car for you! Yesterday, the much anticipated Subaru STi R205 was officially available in dealerships in Japan and Japan only. The lucky customer who spent about $49,000 to own one of these will be looking at a myriad of improvements.

Let’s start with brakes. They’ve been upgraded to a front six piston and rear four piston kit with slotted rotors. The wheels will still be 18 inches but wrapped snuggly in specially designed Potenza RE070 (245/40R18) tires. When we take a look at suspension, we see inverted strut and coil springs in the front and some STi tuned coils and dampers in the rear. You’ll also have the help of a front strut tower bar and lower arm stiffening brace to keep that beast gripped tightly on the road.

One thing everyone will be very happy about is that the R205 includes a completely re-tuned ECU and meaner turbo and exhaust system.

Out with the gray, in with the black when it comes to the bespoke front grill. Other improvements include a black spoiler and a front and rear diffuser.

For the people who thought that the 36k for the original STi was too much, the now 49k price tag for the R205 will not help it’s case much but perhaps the now 316hp and 319lb-ft of torque engine may help.

Convinced? Living in Japan? Well then you’re the perfect candidate! All you need to do now is speed over to a Scooby dealership before the limited 400 units are sold!

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