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Next Generation WRX To Have HP Boost?

Subaru has got a lot on their hands these days, with the release of their first sports coupe the BRZ as well as fans rallying to find out the juicy details of their next STi and WRX.

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Subaru BRZ Concept – Thoughts

Subaru’s BRZ Concept has made it’s debut, it’s getting loads of buzz and I figured now would be a good time to talk a bit about my first impressions. The first thing I thought of when I heard about the BRZ was; exciting! Subaru is taking a stab at a rear wheel drive sports coupe! Don’t get me wrong, they’ve been building some fantastic cars for years and I’m in love with my STi hatch but I was just itching to see what a coupe from Suby would look like.

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Subaru Debuts 3rd Gen Boxer Engine

Boxer fans unite! Subaru has just debuted their 3rd generation Boxer engine. This has no doubt gotten us fans excited and thinking about the lovely drives to come, listening to that unique rumble we’ve all come to know and love. Make no mistake about it, this isn’t a rework or a revised edition, this is a brand new engine which Subaru’s parent company built a new factory to produce.

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Subaru Legacy B4 2.5GT tS Tuned By STi: Nicely Done!

As with most Subaru remodels, when the latest Legacy made its way to the market, most of us missed the old look but as time passed by our taste warmed up to it and now, well we’ve grown quite of fond of it. Since we’ve heard about an STi tuned Legacy being released in Japan, we’re down right angry. Why not North America Subaru! Why! I digress.

Let’s start with the looks. The tS has been upgraded with a new front lip spoiler, a deckled spoiler, new 18-inch alloy wheels wrapped in 225/45-series rubber including badging all around. Take a seat inside and you’ll notice sport seats, carbon trim, a leather-wrapped STI steering wheel and a variety of STi markings on the shifter and floor mats.

Performance wise, the tS inherits a sport exhaust system, a stronger Bilstein suspension, and new strut tower bars. Unfortunately, the turbocharged boxer remains the same at 265hp and 258lb-ft of torque.

This just isn’t fair! Let’s hope the Japanese automaker has a similar Legacy for all of us in the N.A!

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2011 Subaru WRX STi Sedan

It seems that after a few years of hatching it, Subaru has decided that their iconic STi should for the first time have both hatch and sedan counterparts and so they will! Come 2011 you can expect to see the STi in sedan form and in keeping with tradition, a monstrous wing. Continue reading

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