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Black Friday @ DSG – COBB, BLITZ, PW JDM, ETS & MISHIMOTO! Eat up boys!

It’s here, Black Friday – one of the ultimate sales days of the year and we’re bringing it to you hard. Listed below are some of our major specials, if you want something shoot me over a PM and I’ll hook you up! We’re working throughout the holiday, so enjoy yourselves, eat up …drink up and hit us up

*NOTE: FREE SHIPPING Applies ONLY to the lower 48 United States – Canadian and International customers may be subject to additional shipping costs, but we’ll help you out!

Click here to head over to the sale!

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Pre SEMA Sale!

It’s our second year attending SEMA and from what we can see, this year’s going to be a big one! DSG is packing up and heading to Vegas for 1 week to see what cool, new and innovative products we can bring you guys for the new upcoming year. Not to mention all the partying!

From the ARK Veloster we have sponsored to the Vorsteiner private party, we will be “working” are asses off just for you!

In honor of this epic week of insane cars and whole new levels of performance, we bring you the DSG Performance Pre SEMA Sale, so come and get it!

*Sales prices are NOT subject to stock! What does this mean for you? If we sell out of a particular item, we’ve got you covered and will honor our pricing regardless!*

Pricing on most of these is too low to post, so hit me up via PM! Not sure what you’re looking for or looking for a deal on a brand that isn’t listed? I can help you find it

This sale expires the 30th of October, get em while they’re hot!

Click here to head to the sale!

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Just Added: More Blitz Electronic Hotness!

We’re back for the second time this week to let you know about another set of products we’ve just added to our catalog. This time, we’ve got Blitz’s FATT Advance + Turbo timer as well as the boost sensor that goes with it. We’ve also added all the optional sensors for the Touch BRAIN as well as two kick ass combo deals.

So, what we’re trying to say is head over to our Tuner Shop page to check out the new goodies.

Also click HERE for our Touch BRAIN Full Sensor Kit and click HERE for our Touch BRAIN + Full Sensor Combo

These two exclusive deals are a great way to get everything you need in one shot at 10% OFF and with FREE Shipping.

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Just Added: Blitz for Evo X, GT-R, STi and CR-Z!

As promised, we have just finished adding a whole bunch more Blitz products to our website. We’ve got goodies for all the cars we carry. Evo X, GT-R, STi, CR-Z you name it!

Blitz needs no introduction, we all know how awesome there parts are so hit up our Tuner Shop Page and get some JDM hotness for your car!

As always, our reach doesn’t stop at those four rides. If you have a car different from the ones listed above, simply contact us via our special order form on our homepage and we’ll get you set up!


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Product Spotlight: Blitz Touch Brain

Known as the ultimate data logger, when we began carrying this hot item not too long ago we knew it would it would be all the buzz and it certainly has been. In fact it was last week’ best seller here at DSG!

Now some features which really caught our eye were green in nature.

– Instantaneous fuel consumption: Displays real-time fuel consumption during operation.
– Average gas mileage: Shows the average fuel economy until you stop the engine from the moment the engine over.
– Mileage accrual: Shows the average fuel economy of the moment until the next reset to reset the last time.
– Fuel section: At the start of running (if the vehicle is entered) to stop (no vehicle speed input) to display a section for each fuel.
– Fuel consumption: Calculates and displays the fuel consumption and mileage from the fuel injection time.
– Fuel bill: Displays the amount calculated from the fuel price is set arbitrarily based on fuel consumption.

Those are just some of the awesome features this baby has got up its sleeve. For more information or to order one for yourself, click here!

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SpeedHunters Meets The Koyoma Racing Labo Evo X

Ever heard of Susumu Koyama? You may know him from his work with JUN, you may not but when it comes to engines, this mad scientist knows his stuff. The mean looking Evo X you’re looking at was actually Koyama’s first venture after leaving JUN.

Click here for the full post…

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Recently Added: Blitz, AMS Performance, Tanabe

Today, we’ve got a few things we’d like to share with you, a few things we’d like to let you into our DSG world about! One of the most important things to us here is to make sure we bring you all the latest and greatest parts to you. This week we’ve got some new additions including Blitz’s new intercooler and Suction Kit which have recently been released, a new carbon kevlar trunk lid by AMS Performance and Tanabe’s GF210 Lowering springs which we currently have in stock!

Now let’s give you a few more details:

The Blitz Intercooler has recently been made available. Its a more modest and simple upgrade for the original for the more relaxed user.

The Blitz Suction Kit has also just been made available. This piece is designed to reduce internal air flow resistance and improve air intake efficiency.

The Carbon Kevlar Trunk Lid by AMS Performance has also made its way to the market and we must say it looks great on our favorite Japanese supercar.

Features include:

Saves 14lbs off the OEM trunk and wing combo
100% Carbon Kevlar construction
2×2 weave
OEM Fit and finish

The Tanabe GF210 Lowering Spring is geared towards maximum performance, without compromising daily driveability. A subtle drop provides an aggressive stance, while the higher spring rates (+20% – 30% over stock) provide excellent handling and vehicle stability characteristics. These springs provide a very noticeable gain in performance when installed.

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Since even before the close of our Synchronic BOV group buy, I have toiled day after day in search of the next perfect group buy to offer to you. I have shed blood and tears, as I typed and searched for the perfect item to bestow upon you. At long last … I found it. One of the most baller of items, a product that will not only look incredibly cool – but is functional as well! A system so keenly devised as to allow you to have all of your information in ONE location at just the touch of your finger tips! I present to you, the Blitz R-VIT DS!

have been authorized by Blitz USA to offer this very rare product at a special one-time-only group buy price. A minimum of 10 confirmed orders is required to receive the benefits of this special. It is required that you have a on board navigation screen in order to use the system. Blitz USA does not carry many of these on hand, thus there is up to a 2 week wait for the items to come in from Japan from the date they are ordered.

MSRP: 589.99$

One-Time-Only Group Buy Special Price Of: 459.99$ + FREE SHIPPING
(Lower 48 States only. oversized and freight items do not apply)
(Canadian and international customers please PM for shipping details)

Which car do you have? A Nissan GT-R? A Subaru STi? Mitsubishi Evolution X? We’ve got group buy for all of you! Just visit the link that matches your car and get all the information you need including, specs, company summary, videos and pictures.

Our Blitz R-VIT DS Group Buys:

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