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Best Seller Of The Week: ETS Front Mount Intercooler for Evo X

When it comes to intercoolers, there are plenty of options out there but it would be hard to find a better one than ETS and our beloved Evo X customers seem to agree since they’ve made the Front Mount Intercooler our latest Best Seller Of The Week!

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Best Seller Of The Week: Synapse Engineering Synchronic Diverter Valve

Taking the gold on this edition of Best Seller of the Week has got to be the new Synapse Synchronic Diverter Valve. Since we announced its pending release, our customers have been super excited about it and decided to pick one up when it hit the online streets.

What makes this goodie so fantastic? Well, the Synchronic DV is the first, truly compact, zero-diaphragm, high-flow Diverter Valve with an actuation time of 25 milliseconds. The DV is made up mostly of aero grade aluminum and users can either upgrade from an existing BOV/DV or weld on to a new project. “MAF and speed density applications can apply the new design in push or pull orientation with the ability to fully re-circulate or vent-to-atmosphere the valve’s discharge.” These babies are solid and able to withstad quite a bit of psi. “Each assembly is pressure tested to withstand 60 psi and positive lock clamshell retainers are included with each assembly for fitment.”

Some Benefits Include:
• Very light, compact stock like stealth appearance. No clearance issues with this baby!
• Innovative Piston Actuated Design
• Absolutely No Diaphragm
• Can be used in Pull-Type or Push-Type modes, which allows for those with a MAF sensor to vent to atmosphere rather than re-circulation if he/she wants. We still recommend Re-Circ in any case, but or those of you who want to run VTA this is a great option for our cars.
• Backwards compatible with the current Synchronic BOV

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Best Seller Of The Week: HKS Fuel Rail Upgrade Kit

Looking for a Fuel Rail upgrade for you Evo X  but you’re unsure of which to get? DSG to the rescue! See what the tuners are buying with the latest Best Seller Of The Week! The HKS Fuel Upgrade kit made the cut for this week’s edition.

Getting optimum fuel delivery is an absolute must when taking your car to a high performance and high boost level. That’s where the japanese tuner’s kit comes in. The HKS fuel rail is a direct bolt-on replacement of your factory fuel rail, and allows for larger top-feed injectors to be added. Aluminum is the material of choice on the kit and anodized purple is what makes it pop!

For more information on the HKS Fuel Rail Upgrade kit, click here. This item is currently on sale!

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Best Seller Of The Week: Synapse Synchronic BOV Evo X Kit

Making the cut for this edition of Best Seller of the Week is Synapse Engineering’s Synchronic BOV Kit for the Evo X. Those of you who know us probably know that this is not a big surprise. Ever since we took the Synchronic kit under our wing, it’s become an Evo X phenomena and we’ve had a great time hearing all the great feedback from our customers. This week a lot of new people picked up this BOV.

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