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COBB Tuning Releases Improved and Expanded Launch Control and Flat Foot Shift for Subaru AccessPORT

COBB has recently released their launch control and flat foot shift for all Subaru turbocharged manual cars. The way COBB explans it is the launch control limits the engine’s RPM to a user-set value when launching to build boost and increase launch consistencys. The flat foot shift allows the driver to maintain wide-open-throttle during gear changes, keeping partial boost between shifts and improving acceleration post-shift.

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COBB Tuning & David Shirley AKA Tephra Join Forces for Evo X

Today, COBB Tuning announced some very exciting news. It looks like they and David Sherley, also known as Tephra on the forums are joining forces to improve on the Evo X AccessPort and AccessTUNER engine management features and functionality. Evo X AP users get excited because soon enough, you’ll be experiencing all kinds of new features including alternate map support, CEL flash on engine knock and various other tune easing patches.

Tephra is also going to be working on ROM discovery and patching work to help make the AccessPort into an even better machine.

So that is pretty much all the information we have to share with you now but stay tuned for more announcements as time goes on. Exciting stuff!

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Nissan GT-R AccessPort Updated!

COBB Tuning has decided to make their already awesome AccessPort even more so with a few ride changing updates for your GT-R. On the Fly Map Switching, Fast Map Flashing and in-dash Knock Indicator have all been added to the list.

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Video: COBB Tuning Says Goodbye To Summer

Sadly, the summer is slowly coming to an end. The AccessPort Inventor COBB Tuning has put together a little compilation video of some Surgeline summer fun. Check out footage from their free drag night, BBQ’s and more fun events!

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Switzer’s 800hp Track-Ready Nissan GT-R

Since Nissan reintroduced the R35 GT-R, people around the world went bonkers. The car was and still is incredibly fast. The latest R35 to be released had a lot of Nürburgring press behind it, claiming that it was one tough beast around the track, and it was! While GT-R owners loved the way it performed round the track, it was agreed that certain aspects could be improved, like weight. Continue reading

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COBB Announces Price Reduction On Accessport!

Great news! Recent improvements in Cobb’s production ability has made it possible for them to reduce the price of their infamous Accessport! Still haven’t got one? What are you waiting for?

Click HERE for the reduced price and full details!

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