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Recently Released: Mishimoto FMIC For Evo X

Look out guys! Mishimoto has just released their new Frount Mount intercooler for your Evo X. The aluminum part comes in both silver with black logo and black with silver logo. We’ve got to say, we’re big fans, these babies are beautiful and we’re loving the logo on them.

The Mishimoto Evo X intercooler is designed as the perfect bolt-on upgrade for your stock Evo X intercooler. Crafted using TIG welded, high-quality aluminum, the Mishimoto Mitsubishi Evo X intercooler is designed to provide added horsepower through improved cooling efficiency.

Click here for more information or to order…

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Best Seller Of The Week: AMS Upper Intercooler Pipe Mitsubishi Evo X

On this round of Best Seller of the Week, it’s the AMS Upper Intercooler Pipe for the Evo X that has made the cut. This isn’t the biggest surprise to us given the popularity of the parts producer. The guys make some killer parts and we’re happy to give them to our beloved customers.

So let’s get into it. The first thing to know is that the UICP is a direct replacement to your stock pipe. Weight is not a problem since the pipe is made of lightweight 2.5” mandrel bent aluminum tubing with bead rolled pipe ends. This piece really has a great solid feel to it being mounted to the core support. This helps prevent the couplers from popping right off.

Speaking of couplers, they’re all replaced with quality 4-ply silicon pieces which can endure more than 50 psi of boost. This is achieved partially due to the utilization of a silicon “hump hose” to prevent torn couplers caused by engine movement.

This pipe is available in polished or black wrinkle powdered.

The best part is the power increase, you can see an extra 5 awhp peak and 10+ awhp gains, more if you decide to go with a retune of your ECU.

Click here for the full post and photos…

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Goodie Of The Day: Password:JDM Full Engine Washer Package

It goes without saying that we’re all here because we just loving doing stuff do that hot number sitting in our garage. Making her faster, sexier and better all around. Well our latest Goodie of the Day certainly strengthens the old adage that the little things are what count. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference the Password:JDM Full Engine Washer Package makes on the look of your ride. People’s eye will pop everytime you open that hood and it won’t burn a hole in your wallet either!

These alumium washers come anodized in black, blue, gold, purple, red, silver and feature the PWJDM Kenji Logo. The aircraft grade aluminum and long lasting stainless steel bolts ensure a long quality life filled with jealous rivals.

So come on down, pick a color and stand out at any tuner meet. Click here for more information.

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Best Seller Of The Week: HKS Fuel Rail Upgrade Kit

Looking for a Fuel Rail upgrade for you Evo X  but you’re unsure of which to get? DSG to the rescue! See what the tuners are buying with the latest Best Seller Of The Week! The HKS Fuel Upgrade kit made the cut for this week’s edition.

Getting optimum fuel delivery is an absolute must when taking your car to a high performance and high boost level. That’s where the japanese tuner’s kit comes in. The HKS fuel rail is a direct bolt-on replacement of your factory fuel rail, and allows for larger top-feed injectors to be added. Aluminum is the material of choice on the kit and anodized purple is what makes it pop!

For more information on the HKS Fuel Rail Upgrade kit, click here. This item is currently on sale!

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H&R Maserati GranCabrio Program

I still remember when Maserati’s Grand Turismo first came out. It was such a huge jump up from it’s predecessor. I remember us thinking what it would be like after being  a little tunified. The Washington based tuner H&R has brought our wish to fruition with their new suspension made for the Mas which lowers it by about 35mm.  They’ve also included  H&R TRAK+ Wheel Spacers of high tensile aluminium.

Hopefully H&R has more plans for the italian sports car. Photos after the jump. Continue reading

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Honda CR-Z Gets Some Mugen Accessories.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we? Remember back when everyone used to drive Honda’s CRX AKA Pocket Rocket? What glorious days. I’m not going to lie and say I ever really liked the CRX but that’s besides the point. The reason why we’re reporting to you is that Mugen has provided Honda’s Hybrid CR-Z Hatch with some goodies to make it look a true pocket rocket. That’s right I said LOOK like a pocket rocket, unfortunately it won’t drive like one. Continue reading

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The Synapse Engineering BOV Kit for the Mitsubishi Evo X


The Synapse Engineering Synchronic BOV package –SB001A.KIT003 is the iconic Synchronic BOV that has set the standard for impossibly fast response from a BOV/DV. Completely modular, it can be installed as a vent-to-atmosphere BOV or re-circulating diverter valve. By design, it is a pull-type valve only. This means that boost pressure keeps it closed, meaning no boost leaks upwards of 100+ psi of boost. It operates in a normally open condition. This means that it is designed to remain open under vacuum conditions. For maximum performance and reliability, it is recommended to install the Synchronic BOV in a re-circulated configuration with the discharge between the MAF sensor and turbocharger inlet.

This kit will not cause any of the same problems that many other aftermarket BOV’s are being reported to have on the Evo X. It retains the recirculation system set up with the stock BOV, if your choose. It will hold more boost and it will hold it better. For those of you who are looking for it, you will hear a noticeable difference in sound. Especially when paired with an aftermarket intake system. As my girlfriend says whenever I mention a blow off valve (get our mind out of the gutter!), Whashoom!

Kit Contents Include:
• Synchronic BOV SB001A Black Body/Silver Cover
• SB001.9 Evo Flange

• SBC0600YLT “Y” Connector
• SBC06PU03BLK 3 Meters Boost Connect Line
• 1.25” Silver Aluminum recirculation fitting
• Adjustment Allen Key

Benefits Include:

Innovative Piston Actuated Design
Absolutely No Diaphragm
Pull-Type BOV designed to stay closed under boost
Detachable Re-Circulation Discharge and Interchangeable Flange

MSRP: 284.99 – PM US HERE or email us at info@dsgperformance.com or even go to our contact center at DSG Performance FOR BEST PRICING!

Oh, I almost forgot. What if you have never heard of this company or don’t know enough about them? You can’t buy something made by them until you get all the details right? We’ve got you covered: Here’s a link that provides a Synapse Engineering summary, pictures, video, design process, the works. Take a look and make sure you like them, then contact us!

If you do end up getting one of these fantastic BOV’s then here two installation videos you can refer back to!



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