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The TGIF Video Party!

If Friday approaches we’ll have another edition of the TGIF Video Party for you and it’s about that time so welcome back! We’ve got some pretty fantastic videos for you from Ken Block and Vaugh Gittin to a little test drive with the Mugen CR-Z. Let’s do it!

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Composite Castings Carbon Fiber Engine Block

Composite Castings has announced the launch of their new lightweight carbon fiber composite, V4 engine block. That’s right, drool away ladies and gents! We’ve got ourselves an engine made out of our favorite material.

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Recently Releases Brembo GT-R Caliper Kit

Hitting the market this week is Brembo‘s latest release, the GT-R Caliper Kit, a follow up to it’s GT predecessor. So what does
the new model have in common with the old? It employs the same Brembo race discs, floating Mclaren Anti Rattle hardware and Goodridge braided stainless steel lines.

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Got Nuts? Get Some W/The Password:JDM Aluminum Lug Nuts GROUP BUY! – Add Some Color!







We have been selling a ton of these, so we figured why not help you guys out and get a group buy going! After all, we are over due since our last extremely successful Synapse Synchronic BOV Group Buy

NOW FULLY IN STOCK & Ready to ship out direct!

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The TGIF Video Party!

As always we hope everyone had a solid week. We’re just wrapping everything up here for the day but there is just one thing left to do and that’s hitting you guys up with another edition of The TGIF Video Party!

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Video Of The Day: 12 Nissan GT R vs 2011 Porsche 911 Turbo S

We’ve got a pretty awesome Fifth Gear video for you here. We all know how much we love Nissan’s supercar, well no we get to see if it can hold it’s chops up against the 11′ Porsche 911 Turbo S.  Tiff Needell and Jason Plato take the two racers out on the track for some fun.

Who comes out on top? The GT-R or the beefy 911 Turbo S? Find out!

Click here for the video…

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Update: Mugen Euro CR-Z Details Surface

Since it’s inception, the CR-Z has been the buzz of the tuner world. Touted as an affordable sports hybrid coupe, everyone including the world’s best tuners is curious. Well, the hybrid hatch certainly does live up to its claim of affordability but as far as performance goes, it’s going to need a lot more of it to successfully be known as a sports coupe. Mugen seems to agree since they’ve just released a few interesting details including a 50% power increase thanks to forced injection. Got your attention now huh? Read on.

Mugen has also stated that the popular hatch will feature a supercharger which will bring those ponies up to about 197hp and 181lb-ft of torque. Induction and exhaust upgrades have also been said to be in the picture.

The goodies don’t stop there. 17-inch forged Mugen GP wheels have also been added accompanied by  front and rear adjustable dampers and upgraded brakes. As seen in the photo, Mugen-spec front and rear bumpers, side skirts and a massive rear wing will about complete the look.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed in July is where the Mugen Euro CR-Z will be making its appearance.

To check out what CR-Z parts we’ve got for you click here!

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COBB Tuning Releases Improved and Expanded Launch Control and Flat Foot Shift for Subaru AccessPORT

COBB has recently released their launch control and flat foot shift for all Subaru turbocharged manual cars. The way COBB explans it is the launch control limits the engine’s RPM to a user-set value when launching to build boost and increase launch consistencys. The flat foot shift allows the driver to maintain wide-open-throttle during gear changes, keeping partial boost between shifts and improving acceleration post-shift.

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2011 New York Auto Show: Scion FR-S Coupe Concept.. Haba Haba!

Another noteworthy car to come out in New York this year is the impossibly beautiful Scion FR-S Coupe. This concept is just… is..just..Sorry, must stop staring. Anyway, Scion’s concept coupe is a 100% pure bred sports car. Engine up front, rear wheel drive and some awesome handling to boot. It was inspired by the AE86 gen Corolla also known as Hachi Roku, 8-6 in Japanese. The true sports car enthusiast will be pleased.

Click here for the full post and plenty of photos…

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Video of the Day: AEM Explains Benefits Of Water/Meth Injection

It’s always nice to see performance part makers making educational videos of their products. It helps get the correct information into the hands of perfomance junkies everywhere. Curious about what benefits water/meth injection brings to your ride? Check out this video by none other than AEM!  

Cick here to check out the video…

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