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New Parts Added: COBB AccesPort for Subaru STi 08-10′

COBB Tuning’s Accessports for the 08-10′ Subaru STi has joined the DSG Performance line up! We’ve been scouring the net in order to give as many high quality part options for all of you STi owners out there and these AP’s are definitely worthy.

Have an 08-09 model? Click here
For you 2010 owners, here‘s where you want to be.

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Honda CR-Z Gets Some Mugen Accessories.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we? Remember back when everyone used to drive Honda’s CRX AKA Pocket Rocket? What glorious days. I’m not going to lie and say I ever really liked the CRX but that’s besides the point. The reason why we’re reporting to you is that Mugen has provided Honda’s Hybrid CR-Z Hatch with some goodies to make it look a true pocket rocket. That’s right I said LOOK like a pocket rocket, unfortunately it won’t drive like one. Continue reading

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Varis Carbon Aero Parts for Nissan GT-R

I think a lot of us have been waiting for this one. The GT-R has been getting attention from pretty much every tuner on the planet but we only had our eye on a few and still wanted to see a few more take on the challenge. Well Varis is one of those tuners. The Japanese tuner has unveiled the first stage of its Aero parts kit for Nissan’s supercar. You’ve got two choices for your kit. You can either go with the semi dry carbon route or the wet carbon direction may suite you instead. Either way the goal of these kits is weight reduction. These rigid parts weigh less and keep that aggressive GT-R agile and quick.

Of course we want numbers and one number satisfies our curiosity. The Varis kit is able to shed a total body weight of 30%. The full kit includes: The aero hood, side skirts, rear diffuser, rear wing and trunk spoiler. The Varis rear wing and trunk spoiler come in full VSDC (Varis Semi Dry Carbon) or in VSDC with a FRP trunk spoiler.

So we’ve introduced the parts, we’ve listed what the kit includes and what it can do. That would leave the question of how much dough you’ll be spending on the tuner’s diet kit.

Front diffuser – $2740 (VSDC).
Aero hood – $4620 (VSDC) & $2845 (wet carbon).
Rear diffuser – $1250 in wet carbon, VSDC version – not available.
Side skirts in Varis Semi Dry Carbon – $1250, the wet carbon would be less.
The rear wing and trunk spoiler – $3350 for the VSDC version or $2750 for the VSDC FRP combo.

There you have it. Anyone who sprung for another tuner’s kit is probably breaking their fancy soup bowls over their head right now since this is one fine kit. Now enjoy the photos!

Better pictures would have been nice right?

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COBB Announces Price Reduction On Accessport!

Great news! Recent improvements in Cobb’s production ability has made it possible for them to reduce the price of their infamous Accessport! Still haven’t got one? What are you waiting for?

Click HERE for the reduced price and full details!

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Enkei’s Performance Line Wheels

In this industry there are just so many choices. You want a body kit? You better shop around because there are tons of them around to suit your ride. Same goes for wheels. There is just such a selection out there. How can we chose which ones we’ll go with? Well we don’t really have a solution for you, actually we’re about to make your decision making process even harder by adding another two wheels to the already infinite amount!

We must say, these better be at the top of your list because they are stunning! To achieve this level of attractiveness, Enkei employs a number of techniques. One of these techniques would be using a ‘MAT Forming’ process that aids them in creating light alloy wheels in larger sizes by first spinning the rim to alter the micro structure of the aluminum to resemble that of a forged wheel, the wheel is then shaved of its materials to save about 10-15% of its weight. Yes, they’re still cast wheels but much lighter and stronger. These wheels feature a unique ‘roulette pattern’ to help stop slippage between the tire and rim. Alright, we’ve got all the information, now let’s take a look!

First up would be the Enkei PF01:

Classic spilt-5 spoke design and comes in 15×5J – 18×9J sizes with offsets from +35 to +53 and also come in PCD 4×100 and 5×114.3

Next up, the Enkei PF02:

Hollowed out 5 spoke design with spokes that go to the edge of the rim giving the illusion that is is larger than it actually is. Sizes range from 15×5J to 18×8J with offsets from +38 to +53 and also come in PCD 4×100 and 5×114.3.

So there you have it. What do you think? We’d love to know, just leave your comments in the comment link below! Our take? We think Enkei has made two very bad ass wheels, perhaps their best yet!

Stay tuned for a big sale on DSG Performance!

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New AEM Goodies At DSG Performance!

Hate always trying to access your vehicles data on the move? Well how about accessing it from an iPhone, Storm2 or Droid? Yeah, that’s better. With AEM’s new X-WiFi Band Engine Data Monitoring system, you can check out anything you need to know about your car, from the mobile comfort of your smartphone!

We’ve got two of these AEM WiFi modules for you, feel free to check them both out!



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Subaru Releases the Impreza STI R205

Wish your STi had just a little more kick? Do you live in North America? Well we haven’t got the car for you! Yesterday, the much anticipated Subaru STi R205 was officially available in dealerships in Japan and Japan only. The lucky customer who spent about $49,000 to own one of these will be looking at a myriad of improvements.

Let’s start with brakes. They’ve been upgraded to a front six piston and rear four piston kit with slotted rotors. The wheels will still be 18 inches but wrapped snuggly in specially designed Potenza RE070 (245/40R18) tires. When we take a look at suspension, we see inverted strut and coil springs in the front and some STi tuned coils and dampers in the rear. You’ll also have the help of a front strut tower bar and lower arm stiffening brace to keep that beast gripped tightly on the road.

One thing everyone will be very happy about is that the R205 includes a completely re-tuned ECU and meaner turbo and exhaust system.

Out with the gray, in with the black when it comes to the bespoke front grill. Other improvements include a black spoiler and a front and rear diffuser.

For the people who thought that the 36k for the original STi was too much, the now 49k price tag for the R205 will not help it’s case much but perhaps the now 316hp and 319lb-ft of torque engine may help.

Convinced? Living in Japan? Well then you’re the perfect candidate! All you need to do now is speed over to a Scooby dealership before the limited 400 units are sold!

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Don’t Forget About Our Sun Automobile USA Line-up!

As some of you know. We at DSG Performance have always taken a stand on getting the most cutting edge parts for our line up. Sun Auto would fall into that category. With the ability to collectively raise horsepower and MPG and reduce emissions, these affordable parts should be on the top of anyone’s Christmas list!

Follow the LINK for more details and pricing!

You can also check out our Eco Friendly Power thread out on EvoXForums.

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Synapse Engineering Synchronic BOV Kit for Nissan R35 GTR

We have had such immense interest here at DSG for the Synchronic BOV Evo X Kit that we’ve decided to add the Nissan R35 GTR Kit as well! For all of you GTR owners out there this is a must have BOV!

From The Company:

Synapse Nissan GTR-35 Twin BOV kit brings the iconic Synchronic BOV
to the R35 GTR. We have performed significant on-track and on-road testing
of these units on the GTR to insure compatibility and maximum performance.

This is a direct bolt-on kit that replaces the factory diaphragm diverter valves
with fast-acting piston-actuated Synchronic BOVs. The kit comes complete
with all necessary hardware for installation. You will also find Synapse
boost-connect fittings and hoses included.

Interested? Told you. Follow the LINK for more details!

You can also check us and this sale out at NAGTROC. Remember: We’ve got free shipping on this awesome bov kit!

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We Add Recaro Seats to the Line-up!

When thinking about seat options in the automotive world, only  a handful of names imediately spring to mind. One of them would be Bride which we have recently added to our catalogue, and the other we see sometimes stock in cars like the Mitsubishi Evo X or the new Mazda RX-8. Yes, that would be the ever so famous Recaro Seats. We’ve added them to our line up for you so run over and take a look at what Recaro’s got for you!

Recaros at DSG Performance!

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