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Just Added: Blitz for Evo X, GT-R, STi and CR-Z!

As promised, we have just finished adding a whole bunch more Blitz products to our website. We’ve got goodies for all the cars we carry. Evo X, GT-R, STi, CR-Z you name it!

Blitz needs no introduction, we all know how awesome there parts are so hit up our Tuner Shop Page and get some JDM hotness for your car!

As always, our reach doesn’t stop at those four rides. If you have a car different from the ones listed above, simply contact us via our special order form on our homepage and we’ll get you set up!


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Recently Released: GReddy Hood Lifting Kit

Serving as a little extra bling for the engine bay as well as a kick-ass alternative to the abnoxious hood stand, we’ve got the GReddy Engine Hood Lifter Kit for you. If you head to our tuner shop page, you’ll see these babies listed for your Evo X or GT-R.

Containing Carbon Fiber Dampers with ball and cop joints, all in a black finish and designed for your OEM hood, these are the perfect solution for making things easier and doing it with style!

For other applications, please contact us.

For more information or to order a set, click on the links below.

Evo X Engine Lifter Kit

GT-R Engine Lifter Kit

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Just Added: Modern Automotive Performance Shortblocks for Evo X

Another brand to just hit the catalog is MAPerformance. These guys make a mean short block and we knew we had to add them to the line up. If you’re looking at upping your power to 650whp+ you’ve gotta to do it right! These blocks are a great start. There’s three versions which are listed below. If you’ve got any questions, hit us up and we’d be glad to help you out.

MAPerformance 2.0l Shortblock (Stage 1) – Evo X

MAPerformance 2.0l Shortblock (Stage 1) *No Core Required* – Evo X

MAPerformance Stage 2 Shortblock – Evo X

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Just Added: Monster Sport For Your Evo X

This week, we’ve just completed adding yet another Monster Sport to our superstar catalogue. As most of you guys know, the Japanese shop is known for products like their blow off valve pipes and titanium heat shields just to name a few. So if you’re looking some reliable/hot parts, Monster Sport is a great brand to add to the list!

Head to our Tuner Shop page to check them out! If you’ve got a different car but are still a fan of Monster Sport, contact us via our special orders form and we’ll hook you up!

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Just Added: Forge Motorsport

First post of the week. Well, we’d like to start by wishing everyone a very happy 4th of July! So head on down to the park get wasted and check out those fireworks! We recently did the same last week when we celebrated Canada day. Since then, we’ve been hard at work here at DSG adding more and more of you’re favorite parts to our Tuner Shop catalogue. The latest addition is items
from Forge Motorsport for the Evo X.

As most of Forge is known for their expertise and quality goodies. So today, we bring you some of
their best parts for your beloved Evo.

Head over to our Tuner Shop page, have a browse and as always, contact us with any questions.

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Just Added: ETS Downpipes For Your Evo X!

We’ve been adding parts to our Tuner Shop page everyday for the past few weeks and we have no intentions of slowing down! On the menu today is the O2 Eliminator Downpipe and Recirculated O2 Eliminator Downpipe by ETS for your Evo X. It’s well known that this company has got the goods and these downpipes prove it. Check them out with the links below.

ETS O2 Eliminator Downpipe for Evo X

ETS Recirculated O2 Eliminator Downpipe for Evo X

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Best Seller Of The Week: Dynamic 1000cc Injectors

Alright, gather round everyone, we’re here again bringing you one of our best sellers every week. Now, when thinking about injectors, InjectorDynamics always comes to mind. I mean, they’re one of the best in the market and there’s a handful of reason why.

Click here to read the rest…

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The long awaited HKS GT II 7460 Ball Bearing Turbo – Brought to you first by DSG Performance

Always making sure we get you the best, we’ve been on HKS’s a** since the original press release on this baby was put out to ensure that we were able to get them out to you on the double! Good news: We have them available.

The official North America press release hasn’t been sent out yet, so more info and pics to follow as soon as it does. In the meantime we’ve got Google translate to help us out.

  • Bolt on Sports Turbine Kit For The Lancer Evolution X
  • HKS ball bearing turbo is a turbine ASSY all of original design.
  • Between and genuine 430ps turbo turbine and a full set at the maximum output has finished tuning engine engine turbo kit offers a wide range of normal by adjusting the supercharging pressure.
  • I minimize the degradation in boost response to work out the amount of ball bearings used in things like increasing the size of the exhaust wheel, WORKS WITH SST Transmission.
  • Adopted a twin scroll, and reduce the burden of increased pressure in the engine exhaust at high rpm it to expand in size than the pure bypass port.
  • Turbine wheel, turbine housing has greatly improved durability and reliability that it uses heat-resistant steel.
  • Actuators, and components needed to be purchased separately Oiruautorettopaipu is shipped complete.
  • Can also be used with stock and HKS parts etc.
  • How To Order: Create a customer account at the top of our website here. We will then create your custom invoice, at which point you can purchase the item by logging into your customer account and pressing the BUY NOW button next to your appropriate order. Please place your EvoXForum tag name in place of Company when registering.

    If you’d prefer to pay directly through PayPal. You may send your payment to and write Your EvoX Tag name and the name of the unit you are purchasing in the comment box. We still ask that you create a customer account on our website so we have your shipping & billing information available and for proper invoicing.
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    Goodie Of The Day: Password:JDM Ivory White/Matte Black Derlin Shift Knob

    We’ve been very busy here at DSG. What with adding some more awesome parts for you guys and working on a big upgrade to our Tuner Shop page.  (Which we will keep you posted on) Today, let’s discuss the new goodies. We’ve got some great additions this week.

    First up, Password:JDM‘s latest shift knobs. These shifters have been the talk of the town this month and so has the rest of PWJDM’s new Evo X line. Since we here at DSG were the first one’s to bring you this new line it would only makes sense to keep it as updated as possible. If you’re looking for an original shifter for your Evo, you have got to stop and seriously consider the Ivory White Derlin and Matte Black Derlin shift knobs which have very recently made their way to the marketplace. These babies are made of thermoplastic, which brings us to Derlin. The precision-engineered material is much stiffer than other plastics, chemical resistant, self-lubricating and comes with a low coefficient of friction. If you’ve got any Mazda, Nissan, Honda or Mitsubishi, this unique creation should fit just fine.

    You’ve got a handful of colors to choose for your inserts and it’s one sweet deal. Head over to our Tuner Shop to take a closer look!

    Click here for more photos…

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    The TGIF Video Party!

    Time really does fly when you’re having fun doesn’t it? Well for all of you out there who experienced the opposite this week, DSG’s got you covered with another round of the TGIF Video Party! Once a week on everybody’s favorite day we put together a series of videos from our favorite archive for one soul purpose – your entertainment! So once again, take a load off and enjoy!

    On to the party…

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